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Marjan Sarshar Driscoll


School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment

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Civil Engineering


Prof Sarshar researches in the EU funded Remourban project on smart cities. In particular she is developing organisational models for communities engagement and for cities to learn best practice from each other.

Prof Sarshar leads the cross university low carbon research group and is actively engaged with Nottingham City Council to transform the city into a smarter future.

From a teaching perspective, Prof Sarshar contributes to final year dissertations.

Career overview

  • Associate Dean for Research, Professor in Sustainable Built Environment, College of Art Design and the Built Environment (CADBE), NTU- 2011-2014
  • Director, Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development (IESD), De Montfort University (DMU)- 2009-2011
  • Director, Built Environment & Sustainable Technologies Research Centre (BEST), Liverpool John Moore’s University- 2005-2009
  • Director of Construct IT for Business & Professor, School of Construction & Property Management, University of Salford- 2003-2011

Research areas

  • Co-Investigator (20M EU) (Jan2015-Dec 2020) H2020 Project- Remourban Lighthouse Project, with partners from eight EU countris
  • Co-Investigator (480,000 Eu)(Sept 12-Aug 15) EU FP7 Project- MyEcoCost, with partners from Spain and Germany to explore life cycle environmental sustainability and embedding it in business systems.
  • Principal Academic (£180,000) (Jan 2007- Aug 2009) KTP project, with Taylor Woodrow (TW) Construction. It investigates improvements and innovation in TW bidding and service delivery.
  • Collaborating Academic (£120,000) (Jul2006-Jan2009) KTP project, with Lockwoods, to improve market position.
  • Investigator EPSRC Centre (£3m) - I was one of the six investigators on the SCRI’s Research Centre, which has been set up at University of Salford (Jan 2002-Dec 2006).
  • Principal Investigator EPSRC IMRC (£135,000) (Jan 2002- Dec 2003) - SPICE 3- Investigated how to share best practice in large construction firms. Main partners were Balfour Beatty and BAA.
  • Investigator EPSRC Platform Grant (£750,000) - I am one of the four investigators on the EPSRC Platform Grant, title 2D-nD in the area of Construction IT. (Sept 2001- August 2003)
  • Project Manager & Principal Investigator EU (2M Euro, £500,000 for Salford) (March 1999- Nov 2002) - DIVERCITY- Partners from Finland, Denmark, Italy and France- The project developed VR solutions for the construction life cycle. I was the project manager as well as the lead partner for requirements capture. Divercity was recognised as one of the top dozen EU projects in Framework V, and became a case study for best practice project within EU.
  • Principal Investigator NHS Estates (£45,000) – The Use of Balanced Scorecard (BSC) for Facilities Management in NHS Trusts (Aug 2002- Aug 2003). This was funded from the NHS Estates research funds. It developed guidelines for how to develop a BSC within NHS facilities divisions.
  • Principal Investigator EPSRC / IMI (£332,000; £167,000 from IMI) - SPICE FM: Standardised Process Improvement For Construction Enterprises (Oct. 1999- Sept. 2001) – The main partner was NHS Estates. The project developed a framework for developing business strategies, which are linked to continuous improvement programmes, for the management of facilities within hospitals.
  • Principal Investigator DETR / PIT (£225,000; £100,000 from DETR) - SPICE: Standardised Process Improvement for Construction Enterprises (June 1998 - May 2000). The main partners were AMEC Construction and BAA. This project developed a continuous improvement framework for the industry. AMEC nominated this project for the Construction Industry Awards.
  • Principle Investigator DETR / PII (£170,000; £63,000 from DETR) An IT Self Assessment Tool (July 1999 - June 2000) – This was a Construct IT project and involved many of the member organisations.
  • Principle Investigator DETR / PII (£187,000; £73,000 from DETR) How to Guides to support Best Practice Construction IT (July 1999 -July 2000) - This project developed a dozen best practice How to Guides, for the industry.

External activity

  • EU FP6 and 7 an H2020 Evaluator, I have been an EU reviewer since the turn of the century.
  • EPSRC College, I have been re-elected to the EPSRC college for the next four years. I have been a college member since late 90s.
  • IET (Institute of Engineering Technology) Built Environment Executive, I am one of the pioneers of setting up sector groups within IET and am the only academic in the Built Environment Executive (2010 to present).

Sponsors and collaborators

  • Through the Remourban project Prof Sarshar works with five EU cities Nottingham (UK), Valladolid (Spain), Tapebassi (Turkey), Seraing (Belgium), and Miskolc (Hungry).
  • Prof Sarshar is a Fellow of Institute of Engineering Technology (IET) and collaborates actively in the Built Environment sector of this group.
  • She has collaborated with numerous external organisations in her previous research projects, in particular she won the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher Education in 2000, for leading a knowledge transfer network of universities with industry (Construct IT).


Full list of publications can be found by clicking on 'go to publications' link above.

Selected publications:

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