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Max Pownall

Senior Lecturer

School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment


Max is a Senior Lecturer teaching across the 3 Product Design courses, as well as supervising Dissertations. His focus is on real world implementation of design, and arming students with the skills they need to succeed in the Design Industry.

Career overview

Max has 10 years of industrial experience in a number of diverse fields. Starting life as a Junior Product Designer for Glasdon Group Ltd, he designed Street Furnishings for worldwide council authorities, including a recycling system for the NEC Group. He continued to progress through the design world via inclusive design to create Assisted Bathing solutions for Abacus Healthcare. From here he spent a number of years in the Medical design industry, working for Pennine Healthcare, as a Design Engineer focussing on Process Automation and bespoke Robotic systems. Max then diversified into Form/Fill/Seal packaging machines with Riverside Medical Packaging Ltd, helping to develop the revolutionary Shawpak machine, before moving back into Product Design as the Senior Product Designer developing Educational Resources for the UK’s biggest supplier to schools, TTS Group.

Sponsors and collaborators

TTS Group Ltd (Collab)