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Patrick Keen

Patrick Keen

Post Graduate Researcher

School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment


Patrick is a PhD Candidate working part-time on research to understand, explain and predict the user behaviour change processes that enable truly environmentally sustainable business models to succeed commercially. The aim is to provide new insight and possible tools to help decision makers in industry and government in the design of effective eco-innovation strategies.

Career overview

Patrick’s doctoral research complements his work as a part-time strategy consultant, in which he builds on a long career in applied policy research for business, universities and government (from organizational to EU level). Patrick’s work has taken him increasingly from EU level industrial policy-management to direct business support delivery, and he continues to help in the design and launch of significant public-funded initiatives to promote business competitiveness, e.g. the Research England-funded ‘Impacting Business by Demand’ scheme, which serves as a platform for business design innovation collaborations with Nottingham Trent, De Montfort and Brunel Universities (2018-).

Research areas

Patrick’s academic research interests are currently focused on operations designs and strategies for user-behaviour change, with a focus on the processes for acceptance and adoption of business models reliant on ownerless consumption:

  • Sustainable business models
  • Product-service systems (PSS) / ‘servitization’ of manufacturing
  • Design for sustainability
  • Design for behaviour change
  • Eco-innovation strategy
  • Diffusion of (PSS) innovations
  • Socio-technological system change

External activity

  • Strategy consultancy for business, universities and government (part-time)
  • Hourly Paid Lecturer - Management
  • Peer reviewer: Journal of Cleaner Production