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Paul Beetham

Paul Beetham

Associate Professor

School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment


Dr Paul Beetham teaches on the final year Geotechnical Design and second year Structural Engineering modules.

Career overview

Dr Paul Beetham is a Chartered Civil Engineer, specialist in geotechnical design and ground improvement. Paul has 17 years industry experience prior to joining NTU (in 2013) and has worked in various roles with consultants, contractors and manufacturers.

Research areas

Doctoral research (EngD) on lime stabilisation (2010-2014) developed knowledge of how the site relevant risk of sulphate swell can be determined and managed. Current research projects expand this through 1. Refinement of a novel swell test developed during the EngD and 2. Further investigation into ettringite formation and the much higher rates of sulphate swell that occur at site relevant temperatures (i.e. less than 10°C) when compared with laboratory temperatures of 20°C.

External activity

Past and ongoing collaborative research work into sulphate swell in lime stabilisation with the Independent Stabilisation Company. Work in conjunction with the Britpave Soil stabilisation task group to improve knowledge sharing between academia and practitioners of soil stabilisation.

Sponsors and collaborators

  • Independent Stabilisation Company
  • Opus International Consultants
  • Britpave Soil Stabilisation Task Group


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