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Rebecca Gamble

Principal Lecturer

School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment

Staff Group(s)


Doctoral Research student in Narrative and Interactive Arts

Research areas

Rebecca Gamble's research is centred on participatory performance and the roles and relationships between the artist and the audience of socially-engaged artworks that activate and celebrate audiences. Using a Performance as Research methodology, Rebecca is investigating this by critically reflecting on experiences of performing as an artist and as an active audience member of participatory artworks. She is currently exploring the extent to which hospitality can be employed as a theoretical framework to approach the reading and analysis of these types of artworks and considering how this translates to participatory performance in virtual spaces.

Rebecca's research interests include:

  • activating and engaging audiences
  • site-responsive art and performance
  • socially-engaged and relational art
  • modes of writing
  • real and virtual everyday sites as performance spaces.

Narrative and Interactive Arts


Thesis title

Participatory Performance; the roles and relationships between the artist and the audience in site-responsive artworks in real and virtual spaces

Press expertise

  • Emotionally durable design; building relationships between users and products to encourage durability and longevity
  • Participatory design; actively involving users, clients, communities in the co-design process
  • Design politics; the power of design for positive social change, including activism, gender, ethics and responsibility
  • Interactive design; interactivity and experience, between people, objects and spaces
  • Methods/methodologies; qualitative research, ethnography, observation, semi-structured and unstructured interviews, participatory action research, practice-based research.