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Song Wu


School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment

Staff Group(s)
Construction Management


Professor of Construction Management

Career overview

Professor Wu is an internationally leading researcher in digital construction with more than 20 years’ experience in the UK higher education sector. During his academic career, he has progressed from research student to research assistant, research fellow, lecturer, senior lecturer, reader and professor. At the same time, He undertook a number of management roles, including programme leader, departmental lead, director of teaching and learning and associate dean of teaching and learning. He is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a Fellow of the Charted Institute of Building and Charted Member of Charted Management Institute.

Research areas

Professor Wu is an expert in computer modelling and data analysis in the built and human environment. His current research interest is in the area of reality computing and Artificial Intelligence which covers 3D scanning, UAV data capture, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, serious game technology and machine learning. He recently secured over £2.5m research grant including an AHRC serious game to combat gender-based violence, Innovate UK KTP project and Highway England, Network Rail research in those areas.

He was the lead researcher on a number of UK EPSRC funded projects including ‘3D to nD modelling’, ‘nD game–using gaming technology to engage school children’, Process Protocol’, ‘Salford: China research tour’, etc. In 2010, he was awarded the UK China Fellowship for Excellence for his collaborative research with leading Chinese research institutions. In 2012, He was awarded RICS education trust funds to investigate how Building Information Modelling supports surveying practice in the UK. In 2015, his work on human behaviour simulation for energy simulation was supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering.  His research works have been widely published in over 100 research publications around the world.

External activity

2020 PhD External Examiner Liverpool University, UK

2020 PhD External Examiner Cardiff University, UK

2019 PhD External Examiner Hong Kong Polytech University, Hong Kong, China

2017 PhD External Examiner Teesside University, UK

2016 PhD External Examiner Queensland University of Technology, Australia

2015 -2019 PGT External Examiner Oxford Brooke University

2014 External Validation Panel Oxford Brooke University

2014 Visiting Scholar of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

2013 Visiting Scholar of Curtin University, Australia

Regular reviewer for Automation in Construction, Advanced Engineering Informatics, Journal of IT in Construction Construction, Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering; Advance engineering informatics, Journal of Architectural Engineering & Design Management

Sponsors and collaborators

2020 to 2024 Principle Investigator, EPSRC Industrial Case studentship with Network Rail (Total grant: £140,000)

2019 to 2020 Principle Investigator, EU/Network Rail In2Track2 - Bridge Health Monitoring -Optical monitoring methods for geometry and digitalisation (Total grant £103,282)

2019 to 2020  Principle Investigator, Network Rail R&D - Panoptic Bridge Management (Total grant: £354,578)

2018 to 2022 Co-Investigator, None in Three Research Centre (AHRC), WP3 leader – game development (Total Grant: £1,200,000)

2017 to 2020 Principle Investigator, KTP with Waldeck, UAV integration with Building Information Modelling, (Total grant: £143,000)

2018 Principle Investigator, Highway England Research Project – Road surfacing simulation (Total grant, £40,000)

2016 Principle Investigator, Collaborative Venture Funds, Waldeck, University of Huddersfield, (Total grant: £7,000)

2015 Principle Investigator, Newton Research Collaboration Programme, Funded by Royal Academy of Engineering (Total grant: £7,300)

2015 Principle Investigator, Collaborative Venture Funds, BECGI, University of Huddersfield, (Total grant: £2,000)

2013 Co-Investigator, KTP with ProcurePlus, Performance Management System - Active Framework Management Tool funded by Technology Strategy Board. (Total grant: £122,000).

2012: Principal Investigator, BIM support RICS New Rule of Measurement, awarded by RICS Education Trust, (Total grant: £7,500)

2011, Co-Investigator, KTP with Create Construction, funded by Technology Strategy Board. The KTP partnership has led to the winning of the 2012 Business Innovation award by Create Construction in the North West Construction industry Annual award. (Total grant: £122,000).

2010: Principal Investigator, UK-China Fellowship in Excellence, awarded by UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, (Total grant: £13,200)

2006 Co-investigator; RFID study, awarded by ERABuild, an EU initiative for strategic cooperation in the building sector. (Total grant: £5,000)

2004: Co-Investigator ‘Designing fit-for-purpose schools Game: enabling student participation in the design process.’ Awarded by the EPSRC for 2 years. (Total grant: £69,816)

2004: ‘Salford (UK) – China: towards global harmonisation of construction research.’ Awarded £11,400 from the EPSRC Interact Call. Prepared proposal, named as Recognised Researcher in the proposal due to restrictions of the research contract.


Selected Recent Publications:

Ye, K., Luo, H., Kang, J., & Wu, S. (2020). Indoor sound environments and visual media displays: a case study on canteens. Building and Environment, 176,

Ma, Z., Yang, Z., Liu, S., & Wu, S. (2018). Optimized rescheduling of multiple production lines for flowshop production of reinforced precast concrete components. Automation in Construction, 95, 86-97.

Delzendeh, E., Wu, S., Lee, A., & Zhou, Y. (2017). The impact of occupants’ behaviours on building energy analysis: a research review. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 80, 1061-1071.

Ding, L., Zhong, B., Wu, S., & Luo, H. (2016). Construction risk knowledge management in BIM using ontology and semantic web technology. Safety Science, 87, 202-213.

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