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Syed Mohyuddin

Head of Department

School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment


Syed Mohyuddin is the Head of the Civil Engineering Department of the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment. Within this role he is responsible for the management and coordination of the delivery and development of the civil engineering course provision at NTU.

Syed’s current area of teaching activity across undergraduate and postgraduate level is related to research methods, structural engineering and engineering mathematics. Syed has taught undergraduate modules in engineering science, fluid mechanics and civil engineering construction.

Career overview

Syed has extensive experience of managing a variety of courses, programme areas, staff and physical resources in UK as well as abroad. He also has a number of years of experience of working with partner institutions, awarding bodies and other stakeholders.

Syed joined Nottingham Trent University as a Principal Lecturer and has been extensively involved in the development of MSc Civil Engineering as well as Level 6 Civil Engineering Degree Apprenticeship courses. Syed has contributed significantly in introduction of new and updated modules across all courses within the department.

Key areas of interest lies in the fields of contextualisation of engineering mathematics, work based learning, curriculum development, student support and partnership management.

Research areas

Syed’s research focuses on kit-of-parts buildings with a view to investigate modularity and common platform for a family of products. Syed is keen to explore a balance between mass production and mass customisation.

External activity

  • Syed has worked with number of Awarding Organisations in qualification and curriculum development up to level 7. This includes Access to HE courses. BTECs, HNs and WBL qualifications.
  • Syed has also helped number of overseas institutions and governments in developing National Occupational standards and associated qualifications/curriculum.
  • Subject-specific Reviewer for the QAA
  • External Subject Reviewer for MSc courses
  • External Examiner for UK and international providers.
  • As a Senior Standards Verifier, Syed is responsible for the security of Pearson’s Levels 4 – 7 WBL programmes as well as to standardise the workforce across the UK.