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Charlotte Shi

Charlotte Shi


Nottingham School of Art & Design

Staff Group(s)
Fashion marketing, management and communication


Charlotte’s current role involves lecturing, leading seminars/tutorials, marking coursework and providing timely and constructive feedback on assignments. She uses a range of interactive teaching methods and organise task-based exercises, such as group discussions, formative presentations and group assignments. She also focuses on applied learning, encouraging students to apply theoretical analysis to various real life cases to enhance their understanding.

She supervises 10 final year students on their dissertation projects, using her own research experience to lead students to develop their research skills, and come up with strategic and creative solutions.

Career overview

Charlotte is a graduate from the University of Manchester with her first degree in Management and Marketing of Fashion Textiles. Later adding a Masters in International Business and Management. She worked for the British Luxury Burberry, in particular she was involved in developing marketing and customer engagement strategies on an international level. Her academic career first started as a researcher & teaching assistant at the University of Manchester teaching on International Fashion Marketing and Retail Strategy at undergraduate level and Multi-Channel Marketing at postgraduate level.

She had published journal and conference papers in the field of Marketing and Retailing and presented at international conferences.

Research areas

Charlotte achieved a doctorate from the University of Manchester in the discipline of the Design and Fashion Business in 2017. Her thesis is entitled Pop-up Retailing: Managing the Temporality of Brand experiences with a special emphasis on marketing, social media and retail management. She explores pop-up as an important marketing communication tool, the decision areas involved in the planning and implementation of pop-up activities, as well as evaluate the potential contribution of different types of pop-up retailing to marketing/business objectives, thereby providing guidance to retail businesses and contributing to the academic understanding of this relatively neglected topical phenomenon.

External activity

Charlotte has developed successful networks and collaborations with external professionals to promote wider social, cultural impacts through her research. Charlotte is involved in various consultancy projects, recently she was invited to Unibail-Rodamco - the third largest real estate company in the world to consult on their current business plan and offer suggestions for their future expansion into pop-up retail.

Sponsors and collaborators

Charlotte works closely with Prof. Gary Warnaby who currently works at Manchester Metropolitan University on various research project.


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