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Carlos Oliviera

Carlos Ferreira De Oliveira

Experimental Officer

Nottingham School of Art & Design


Experimental officer (technical: developing advanced knitting techniques)

Career overview

GS Fashions, Leicester: Technician programmer of knitting machines
Providence knitwear, Leicester: Knitting machine programmer

Research areas

Electronically-functional yarn (E-Yarn)
Breathable prosthetic liners
Knitted compression sleeves for the management of lymphoedema
Knitted heated gloves and garments
Knitted fabric antennae for communication systems
Knitted pressure sensor fabrics
HRV measurement through car seats, in collaboration with Plessey Semiconductors
Knitted temperature-sensing socks embedded with E-yarns
Knee supports for anterior cruciate ligament injuries

Sponsors and collaborators

Dstl and EPSRC


Patents on prosthetic liners, and on moisture and heat transfer