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David Summerill

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham School of Art & Design

Staff Group(s)


Acting Course Leader and Year 3 Module Leader

David Summerill is a Senior Lecturer and Acting Course Leader of BA Hons Photography. Since joining NTU he has been active in the design and delivery of the course curriculum. As year 3 module leader he teaches in both critical and visual practices and oversees the successful management of the photography degree show festival.

Career overview

David has worked for the past decade as a self-employed wedding, portrait and retail photographer. He completed an MFA Photography in 2012 and his PhD in 2017. During this time, he began teaching in Higher Education.

Research areas

David is an active researcher with interests in notions of landscape and the impacts of human activity on both land and species. This led to his recent completion of a PhD thesis titled Contemporary Photographic Representation of Environmental Issues with an Emphasis on Arts Based Constructed Imagery. His research focuses on the shift in the depiction of landscape and environmental concerns as understanding of the impact humans have on nature develops. He writes about the changing visual representation of important environmental issues through landscape, documentary and constructed imagery. He is interested in how aesthetics, the sublime and beauty, inform human understanding of what is happening. He is also interested in the use of staged imagery to address the real issues that humanity faces.

His work includes several projects addressing environmental:

  • i remember (2011-present)
  • End Product (2015)
  • New Materials (2014)
  • Industrial Growth (2012)