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Jayne Childs

Research Assistant

Nottingham School of Art & Design


Jayne Childs is Research Assistant in the Nottingham Trent University Lace Archive, as such she contributes to the care and maintenance of the collection. She assists the Research Fellow in researching the collection and disseminating findings to students, outside bodies and research colleagues.

Career overview

Jayne gained a distinction in MA Fashion Textile Design  from NTU in 2020, designing text as lace picot during her practice-based research into the hidden female voice. She was part of the team working on the ‘Lace Unarchived’ exhibition in 2018, as Research Assistant.

Research areas

Jayne’s research interests include machine-embroidered lace, text insertions and the use of machines for making lace. She has focussed on international collaboration and relationships, building on her experience as part of Creative Twinning with Karlsruhe-based artist groups.

External activity

Jayne is a creative practitioner making contemporary machine-embroidered lace artefacts, working under the name JC Middlebrook since 2010. Her current work is practice-based research into Nottingham lace curtain drafts. She is currently engaged to write the chapter ‘Machine-Embroidered Laces’ for Bloomsbury’s Encyclopaedia of World Textiles – Cloth Cultures: Non-Woven due to be published in 2023.