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Peter Wright

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham School of Art & Design

Staff Group(s)
Fashion, knitwear and textile design


Lecturer / Senior Lecturer

Peter is the module leader for second year students on the Design, Culture and Context (DCC) module taken by all Fashion, Knitwear and Textile Design students. As well as running the level 2 module, he also teaches students at levels 1 and 3.

Career overview

Before becoming a permanent member of teaching staff at NTU, Peter ran the Art & Design image collection, formerly housed in Boots Library.

Research areas

Peter has recently written research papers for the yearly DCC in-house ‘Visual and Material Delights’ symposium entitled ‘Wall ‘art’: Faking the Aura of Authenticity’; ‘Global Street Style Blogging: Authenticity and the Democratisation of Style’; and ‘Staging the Spectacle of Authenticity: The Informal Studio Portrait’.

Recent international research papers include: ‘Everyday Life in the Archive’ for McMasters University, Canada, at the ‘Archiving the Everyday’ Conference. Peter is currently working on an audio-photographic project about the limits of visual memory.

Sponsors and collaborators

Peter has previously worked with Wayne Hemingway of ‘Hemingway Design’ on the ‘Land Of Lost Content’ database of 20th Century British popular culture, which is subscribed to for use by staff and students at NTU.