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Sara Corvino

Sara Corvino

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham School of Art & Design


Sara Corvino is a Senior Lecturer on the Graphic Design programme. She contributes across all levels of the UG and MA course and is module leader for Design in Context 1. She teaches contextual studies through seminars, lectures and individual tutorials.

Career overview

Sara joined Nottingham Trent University in 2017. Prior to this she was based in Shanghai, where she covered several academic roles. Between others she was Program Director of the Visual Communication Department at Raffles Design Institute/Dong Hua University, Visual Communication Course Leader for the top up degree of Northumbria University, RCDC and University of Derby.

Sara's industry background covers a wide range of disciplines from visual design projects to art installations, exhibitions, and show organisation. She has been creative director, art director and designer of many identity systems, museum information points, exhibitions, websites and digital publications. In Spain, where she lived for several years before moving to China, she was the Director of the Multimedia Publication Department at Zeta Multimedia, part of Grupo Zeta, Barcelona (Spain). Sara was responsible for the localisation, development and implementation of more than fifty multimedia projects. She played a key role in the Spanish localisation of several educational and entertainment projects from the world's most prestigious multimedia organisations, such as BBC, Dorling & Kindersley, Hachette, Kutoka, Discovery Channel, JoWood, Green and Enlight Software.

Research areas

  • Design for Society
  • Branding Design & Social Responsibility
  • Visual Culture

External activity

Sara maintains an active professional practice of client-initiated and self-initiated design projects. Her creative activity address social, cultural and commercial issues within the broad spectrum of visual communication design, ranging from graphic design to exhibition design.



Curator / Creative Director of YiTech, Italian Technology Exhibition, organized by AAIIC, with the patronage of the Italian Embassy and the support of ITA, Suzhou, Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu 2017-2018.

Performer/Voice in off “Pasolini Corsario”, directed by Pere Alberò, Barcelona 2015, with the support of the Instituto Italiano di Cultura.

Artist in the exhibition “Traveling in the Luxury Socialist Times”, organized by Luxun Fine Arts Institute & No1 Art studio. Northern China, December 2012, January 2013.

Curator of the exhibition Pixel 3, Tongqi Art Center, Shanghai, China July-August 2012

Artist in the exhibition The Urbanity Project, Shanghai Arts Community, Shanghai, China November 2010

Artist in The Exhibition: As a global citizen what moves you? Dissent, Hope & Ideas. The New BLK Gallery, Power to the Poster & Nicholas Burroughs, NE, US September 2010


The Urbanity Project, featured design work, Shanghai Arts Community, Shanghai 2010

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Primavera del Disseny, Escena, Barcelona, Spain 1995.

Un viaje interactivo en mundo del espectáculo, Escena, Barcelona, Spain 1995

Diseño de Sistemas Interactivos, Escena, Barcelona 1995.


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