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Emma Hemmingway

Senior Lecturer

School of Arts & Humanities

Staff Group(s)
Broadcasting and Journalism


Dr Emma Hemmingway is a senior lecturer and the Course Leader for the MA Broadcast Journalism. She also teaches undergraduate modules on the BA Hons undergraduate degree, including celebrity journalism, research methods, media theory, ethics and documentary production.

She supervises a number of PhD students in media technologies and digital production.

Career overview

A bi-media journalist with 12 years’ experience with the BBC at regional, national and international levels in TV and radio production, reporting and network TV documentary production. She also worked as a BBC World Service Trainer in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Emma was awarded her PhD in 2007, has published several research articles, book chapters and a research monograph entitled Into the Newsroom published by Routledge.

She is currently writing a book on Social Media and Actor Network Theory to be published by Global Press in 2021.

Research areas

  • Digital news technologies
  • Social Media
  • Conservation and Ecology ethnographies
  • News Production
  • Ethnographic research of both national and regional TV newsrooms
  • Application of Actor Network Theory to media analysis
  • Citizen journalism
  • Professional Industry and Higher Education partnerships


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(2007) “Into the Newsroom. Exploring regional television production in the digital age. Routledge, Oxford, London.

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(2011) “We always stay with a Live until we have something better to go to: The Chronograms of twenty four hour Television News. Time and Society, Sage August 2011, (20) 2.

(2014) “Coming soon to a Screen near you: First Steps in University Television”

With Murray Pratt, in Blue Book of Education: Global Development Report of Higher Education in Media and Communication, published by Social Sciences Academic Press.

(2016) Chapter in a jointly edited book entitled Actor Network Theory and Media Studies. (Global Press- 2016.)

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