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Gill Allwood

Gill Allwood


School of Arts & Humanities

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Gill Allwood is Professor of Gender and Politics. She is the postgraduate research tutor for the School of Arts and Humanities.

Research areas

Professor Allwood's research interests centre on gender and politics and have developed from the detailed analysis of French feminist theory and activism, which was the subject of her thesis and first book French Feminisms: Gender and Violence in Contemporary Theory (UCL 1998), to broader investigations of gender and politics in France, in the UK, and in the European Union.

A major project focused on gender and politics in France and led to the publication of three books, co-authored with Dr. Khursheed Wadia, University of Warwick: Women and Politics in France 1958-2000 (Routledge 2000); Gender and Policy in France (Palgrave 2009); Refugee Women in Britain and France (MUP 2010).

Since 2010, Professor Allwood has focused on gender equality and gender mainstreaming in European Union external action, in particular international development, migration and climate change policy. She has also published on gender-based violence, including domestic violence and forced marriage in France, and the Istanbul Convention.

Opportunities to carry out postgraduate research towards an PhD exist and Professor Allwood welcomes applications from students in any area of gender and contemporary politics and society. Further information may be obtained from the NTU Doctoral School.

External activity

  • Visiting Professor at the College of Europe, Bruges
  • Executive Editor of Modern and Contemporary France
  • Co-Editor of the Liverpool University Press book series, Studies in Modern and Contemporary France
  • Former Editor and current member of the editorial board of the Journal of Contemporary European Studies
  • Former Co-Chair and current member of the Executive Committee of the Council for European Studies Research Network on Gender and Sexuality
  • Peer reviewer for British Journal of Politics and International Relations; British Journal of Sociology; Cambridge Review of International Affairs; European Journal of Politics and Gender; European Journal of Women’s Studies; French Politics; Globalizations; International Feminist Journal of Politics; International Social Science Review; Journal of Common Market Studies; Journal of Diversity and Gender Studies; Journal of Women, Politics and Policy; Politics; Review of International Political Economy; Social Movement Studies; Sexuality Research and Social Policy; Social Politics; and Women’s Studies International Forum.
  • Reviewer of book proposals for Liverpool University Press, Manchester University Press, Palgrave and Routledge.
  • Prize juries: Council of European Studies Gender and Sexualities Research Network; University Association for Contemporary European Studies; Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France.
  • Visiting research scholar in the EU Centre of Excellence, York University, Toronto, September 2012.
  • Co-Investigator with Dr. Roberta Guerrina (University of Surrey) and Dr. Heather MacRae (York University, Toronto) in an ESRC International Partnership and Networking Scheme, ‘Unintended Gender Consequences: EU Politics and Policies in Practice’, 2012.
  • Section Leader on Europe on the Global Political Stage, at the residential course in Hungary, organised by the Rajk Laszlo College for Advanced Studies, Corvinus University, Budapest, March 2011.
  • External Examiner at the University of Bath (September 2006-August 2010), the University of Ulster (September 2007-2011), the University of Leeds (September 2015-2019).
  • Member of international research programme on Gender Equality Policy in Practice, convened by Professor Joni Lovenduski (Birkbeck), Professor Amy Mazur (Washington State University) and Professor Isabelle Engeli (Exeter).
  • Co-Investigator in international research project funded by the Canadian Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) on the (In)Visibility of Gender in the European Union, led by Professor Heather MacRae (York University, Toronto) and Professor Elaine Weiner (Macgill University, Montreal).


  • Mackie, James and Allwood, Gill (2022) The implementation of the 2030 Agenda’s principles of ‘leaving-no-one-behind’ and ‘addressing the needs of those furthest behind first’ in the EU’s development policy. Brussels: Publications Office of the European Union.
  • Allwood, Gill (2021) ‘Gender and EU External Climate Policy’ in Gunnhildur Magnusdottir and Annica Kronsell (eds) Gender, Intersectionality and Climate Institutions in Industrialised States, New York: Routledge.
  • Allwood, Gill (2021) ‘Gender and EU Climate Policy’ in Gabriele Abels, Andrea Krizsan, Heather MacRae and Anna van der Vleuten (eds) The Routledge Handbook of Gender and EU Politics, New York: Routledge, pp. 302-313.
  • Allwood, Gill (2020) ‘Mainstreaming Gender and Climate Change to Achieve a Just Transition to a Climate-Neutral Europe’, Journal of Common Market Studies, 58:S1, pp. 173-186.
  • Allwood, Gill (2020) ‘Gender Equality in EU Development Policy in Times of Crisis’, Political Studies Review, 18:3, pp. 329-345.
  • Allwood, Gill and Wadia, Khursheed (2020) ‘Forced Marriage and Gender Transformation in France: Feminist State and Civil Society Networks at the Local Level’, French Politics, 18, pp. 132-152.
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  • Allwood, Gill (2018) ‘Transforming lives? CONCORD Report EU Gender Action Plan II: from implementation to impact’, Brussels: CONCORD Europe.
  • Allwood, Gill (2018) ‘Agenda-Setting, Agenda-Blocking and Policy Silence: Why is there no EU Policy on Prostitution?’, Women’s Studies International Forum, 69, pp. 126-34.
  • Allwood, Gill (2017) ‘Gender Mainstreaming and EU Climate Change Policy’, in Heather MacRae and Elaine Weiner (eds) Towards Gendering Institutionalism: Equality in Europe, London: Rowman and Littlefield, pp. 43-68.
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  • Allwood, Gill (2015) ‘Horizontal Policy Coordination and Gender Mainstreaming: the Case of the European Union’s Global Approach to Migration and Mobility’, Women’s Studies International Forum, 48, pp. 9-17.

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