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Professor of English, primarily engaged in teaching, researching and developing his subject, with a strong focus on public as well as academic engagement and impact. Professor Goodridge's special interests as a lecturer include poetry, eighteenth and nineteenth century literature, Romanticism, recovery research, labouring-class poets especially John Clare, and a range of modern and contemporary writings including writers on the Spanish Civil War, the poet Tony Harrison, and the novelist Philip K Dick. Professor Goodridge is also the Editorial Director of the research publication imprint, Trent Editions.

Career overview

After working in transport and commerce for some years, Professor Goodridge took his first and higher degrees at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. During his doctoral research he worked on transcribing the manuscripts of Sir Walter Scott as an assistant for the Edinburgh Edition of the Waverley Novels, and as an Oxford-based MHRA Research Fellow cataloguing and describing the manuscripts of Allan Ramsay for the Index of English Literary Manuscripts. Professor Goodridge was the Lord Adams Fellow at Newcastle University for 1991-93, working on an edition of John Dyer's georgic poem The Fleece (1757).

Research areas

Professor Goodridge's principal publications include monographs on eighteenth century rural poetry and on John Clare and community. He is the General Editor of two three-volume series of anthologies of labouring-class poetry, and has edited and written extensively on eighteenth and nineteenth century poetry, including work on the poets Robert Bloomfield, Thomas Chatterton, John Clare, Mary Collier, Stephen Duck, John Dyer, John Philips and Allan Ramsay. Professor Goodridge is currently working on two contracted books, a monograph on Labour in Labouring-class Poetry (Palgrave) and an edited book, A History of Working-class Writing (Cambridge UP), both in collaboration with Professor Bridget Keegan of Creighton University, Omaha.

Opportunities to carry out postgraduate research towards an MPhil/PhD exist and further information may be obtained from the NTU Graduate School.

Current students

Amy E Watson (Director of Studies) PhD student.

External activity

Sponsors and collaborators

Professor Goodridge and Professor Bridget Keegan (Creighton University, Omaha), with their respective research teams, are developing new resources and online platforms for the 'Database of Labouring-Class Poetry', of which Professor Goodridge is General Editor and Principal Writer. This resource emerged from work on the English Labouring-class Poets anthologies, itself a collaborative project between scholars from Creighton University, Nottingham Trent University, Oxford Brookes University, St Mary's University College Strawberry Hill, San Francisco State University, Southern Illinois University, the University of Leeds and the University of Northumbria.

Professor Goodridge works closely with the John Clare Society and the Robert Bloomfield Society, and regularly co-organises and co-hosts research and public events with them.

He has worked closely with the late Ray Gosling and with Ray's family and friends to transfer to the University and catalogue the Ray Gosling Archive, an important resource for the study of regional, radical, community-based and media writing.

Professor Goodridge has worked collaboratively with Dr Juan Christian Pellicer of Oslo University on editions of the poets John Dyer and John Philips.

He regards research as an inherently collaborative activity, and has worked on a number of other collaborative projects and will continue to work in this way where possible.


Selected publications

Professor Goodridge is also the General Editor and Principal Writer for the online resources Labouring Class Poets Online and John Clare Resources.

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Press expertise

  • Robert Bloomfield (1770-1823) Poet
  • Thomas Chatterton (1752-1770) Poet
  • John Clare (1793-1864) Poet
  • John Dyer (1700-1758), Poet
  • Philip K.Dick (1928-1982) Novelist
  • Labouring-class Poetry
  • Working-class writing
  • The Ray Gosling Archive