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Nicholas Morton

Nicholas Morton

Senior Lecturer

School of Arts & Humanities

Staff Group(s)
History, Heritage and Global Cultures


Dr Nicholas Morton is a specialist in the history of crusading and the Medieval Mediterranean between the tenth and thirteenth centuries. More recently he has begun to focus specifically upon the theme of inter-faith relations between Christianity and Islam in this region. He has published extensively on topics connected to this subject area, writing a range of monographs and scholarly articles. He is also an editor for three Routledge book series: Rulers of the Latin East and The Military Religious Orders: History, Sources and Memory and Global Histories before Globalisation.

Currently Dr Morton is writing a general history of the Mongol invasions into the Near East during the Thirteenth Century.  He has recently published a major study with Oxford University Press entitled: The Crusader States and their neighbours: a military history, 1099-1187.

His research interests inform his teaching and his main courses are as follows:

  • HIST370 Defending Christendom: The Knights Templar and the Medieval Military Orders
  • HIST271 The Crusades
  • HIST104 World History

Career overview

Dr Morton joined Nottingham Trent University in 2009. Formerly he taught at Queen Mary University (UL), Royal Holloway (UL) and Swansea University.

Research areas

Dr Morton is a member of the Centre for the Study of Religion and Conflict.

Dr Morton’s research interests embrace the topics listed below.

(He is prepared to consider applications for doctoral study in any of these areas.)

Specific areas of interest:

  • Mediterranean and Near Eastern political and religious history (10th-14th centuries)
  • Near Eastern Christian and Muslim societies (including: the Seljuk Turks, Byzantium, the Khwarazmian Empire, the Ayyubid Empire, Armenians and Georgians).
  • The Crusading Movement and the military orders in all regions (11th -14th centuries)
  • The history of technology

Broader spheres of interest:

  • Global History (6th-15th centuries)
  • Medieval Christianity (5th-15th centuries), especially its influence upon social and economic development
  • Medieval Warfare (7th-16th centuries)
  • Religious conversion (any religion, any period).

For more information about postgraduate and doctoral research see: NTU Doctoral School.



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The Medieval Military Orders, 1120-1314 . Morton N, 2012, Routledge.

The Teutonic Knights in the Holy Land, 1190-1291 . Morton N, 2009, Woodbridge: Boydell and Brewer.

Articles (a selection):

‘The Crusades to the Eastern Mediterranean, 1095-1291’, Morton N in (eds) D Pratt and C Tieszen Christian-Muslim Relations: Volume 15, thematic essays, 2020, 281-306, Brill.

‘Risking battle: the Antiochene frontier, 1100-1164’. Morton N, Cahiers de Recherches médiévales et humanistes, 2019, 37, 189-210.

‘Representations of Muslim virtue in Christian ecclesiastical sources: c.1000-c.1350’.  Morton N, Reading Medieval Studies, 2018, 145-172.

‘Walter the Chancellor on Ilghazi and Tughtakin: a prisoner’s perspective’.  Morton N, Journal of Medieval History, 2018, 44:2, 170-186.

‘Walls of defence for the house of Israel: Ezekiel 13:5 and the crusading movement’.  Morton N in (eds) E Lapina and N Morton, The Uses of the Bible in Crusader Sources, 2017, 403-420, Brill.

‘Templar and Hospitaller attitudes towards Islam in the Holy Land during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries: some historiographical reflections’.  Morton N, Levant, 2015, 316-327.

‘The Saljuq Turks’ conversion to Islam: the crusading sources’.  Morton N, Al-Masāq: Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean, 2015, 1-10.

'In Subsidium: The declining contribution of Germany and Eastern Europe to the crusades to the Holy Land, 1187-1291', Morton N, German Historical Institute Bulletin, 2011, 33 (1), 33-66.

'The Defence of the Holy Land and the memory of the Maccabees'. Morton N, Journal of Medieval History, 2010, 36 (3), 275-293.

'Institutional dependency upon secular and ecclesiastical patrons and the foundations of the Trial of the Templars'. Morton N in (eds) H Nicholson, J Burgtorf and P Crawford, The Trial of the Templars: 1307-1314, 2010, 49-68, Ashgate.

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Press expertise

Dr Morton can offer comment on:

  • Medieval Mediterranean and Near East
  • Crusading and Jihad during the medieval period
  • Military orders (i.e. Knights Templar, Hospitaller and Teutonic Knights)
  • Christian and Islamic relations during the Medieval Period
  • Medieval Warfare
  • Medieval technology
  • The Seljuk Turks
  • The Mongols
  • The Byzantine Empire
  • Conversion in the Medieval Period

Course(s) I teach on

  • Student cleaning Harold Larwood's boots
    Undergraduate | Full-time / Part-time (day) | 2023

  • Magnifying glass on books
    Postgraduate taught | Full-time | 2023