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Anna O'Hara

Student Union Substantive Worker


Anna O’Hara was elected as VP Postgraduate of Nottingham Trent Students' Union (NTSU), taking office in July 2022. She was then elected President, taking office in July 2023. She sits on various boards and committees at the University and chairs the Board of Trustees at NTSU. Her role focuses on managing the relationship between NTSU, NTU and the local community, including Nottingham Students' Partnership.

As VP Postgraduate, Anna focused on postgraduate and international student engagement and improving the experience for taught postgraduate students and doctoral researchers. One of her main goals was to bring awareness to the funding postgraduate students can receive, making study more accessible for all students. She also set out to create a sense of community to ensure students have a better educational experience at NTU.

While at NTU, she studied BA International Relations and Media and MA Media and Globalisation on a Research Pathway Scholarship, both focusing on the Music industry and the effects of the pandemic on the industry. Alongside her studies, she took part in multiple extracurricular activities, including:

  • being an active member of NTU Cheer for four years and was voted captain in her third year (20/21)
  • bring elected as a course rep for MA Media and Globalisation
  • completing multiple work placements at Universal Music Group
  • being a senior student ambassador at NTU
  • working at Nottingham Trent Students' Union.

Anna completed her undergraduate studies in 2021 and her postgraduate degree in March 2023 while working full-time at NTSU. She will finish as a sabbatical officer in July 2024.