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Benedict Wills, wearing an NTSU polo shirt, sitting on a bright orange sofa,

Benedict Wills


Benedict Wills was elected as VP Postgraduate of Nottingham Trent Students' Union (NTSU), taking office in July 2021. He was elected President in July 2022. He sits on various boards and committees at the University and chairs the Board of Trustees at NTSU. His role focuses on managing the relationship between NTSU, NTU and the local community.

As VP Postgraduate, Benedict focused on postgraduate student engagement and quality of life at NTU, improving the experience for taught postgraduate students and doctoral researchers. One of his main goals was creating a sense of community to ensure students have a better educational experience at NTU.

While at NTU, he studied LLB Law with Criminology and LLM General Law, focusing on Company Law, Intellectual Property and Corporate Governance. Alongside his studies, he took part in multiple extracurricular activities, including:

  • Volunteering roles, including two terms in office with NTSU's Exec Committee, improving NTSU's events, and RAG Committee, where he helped raise money for NTSU's chosen charities and gave students opportunities to enhance their university experience.
  • Sitting on two society committees, providing wellbeing support for first-year students, and organising and running various society events to improve the quality of life at NTU.

Benedict completed his undergraduate studies in 2020 and his postgraduate degree in September 2022 whilst working full-time at NTSU. He will finish as a sabbatical officer in July 2023 and will pursue his career in law, leaning on his experience in his current role.