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Rosie Bennett

Member of the Board of Governors


Rosie is a media and external relations expert working in the education sector. She is currently responsible for stakeholder management and media coverage at Oak National Academy, an organisation that has gone from pandemic start-up to the Government’s newest arms-length body in just over two years.

Prior to joining Oak National Academy, Rosie was an accomplished journalist with over 20 years’ experience working at the highest level of the profession. She worked as Education Editor of The Times and was responsible for covering schools, universities and policy across the sector, expanding the paper’s focus on higher education and tackling many of the challenges in a balanced and authoritative way.

Rosie has planned and executed many high-profile editorial campaigns including one which secured a change in adoption law. In her various journalism roles, including ten years as a political correspondent, she developed astute news and political judgement, as well as detailed policy knowledge.