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Headshot of Babatunde Abina

Babatunde Abina

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Business School

Staff Group(s)
Department of Marketing


Dr Babatunde Abina is a Senior Lecturer within the Marketing and Consumer Studies Research Centre, and teaches on the following modules:

  • Marketing Management
  • International Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Brand Management
  • Introduction to Marketing

Career overview

Lecturer University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Adjunct Lecturer, Pan African University

Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin, Nigeria

Research areas

Babatunde Musiliu Abina and Oluseyi Ajayi (2022). Effect of Consumers’ Perception of Brand Equity Fit on Purchase Intention for Brands in Symbolic Alliances. Iranian Journal of Management Studies. Vol. 15 No. 2: 271 -285.

Babatunde Musiliu Abina and Sodiq Olanrewaju Babatunde (2020). Celebrity Endorsement and Politics: A Study of Nigerian Environment . Gitam Journal of Management. Vol. 18 No. 1: 1 - 17.

Babatunde Musiliu Abina and Ahmed Bukola Uthman (2018). Internal Brand Equity of Nigerian Universities and Student’s Academic Performance: A Survey of Accounting Students. Sona Global Management Review. Vol. 12 No. 1: 1 - 20.

Rotimi Ayodele Gbadeyan, Babatunde Musiliu Abina and F. O. Boachie-Mensah (2017). Effects of Third-Party Organisation Endorsement on Purchase Intention for Selected Products in Lagos, Nigeria. Amity Business Review. Vol. 18, No. 2: 1 -16.

Olalekan Oladipupo David, Babatunde Musiliu Abina and Ishola Wasiu Oyeniran (2015). Advertising and Consumer Choice of Telecommunications Services in Nigeria: Inferential Comprehensive Analysis. Journal of Competitiveness. Vol 7, No. 3: 37 -49.

Babarunde Musiliu Abina, Ishola Wasiu Oyeniran and Saidat Onikosi (2015). Determinants of Eco entrepreneurial Intention Among Students: A Case Study of.

Book Chapters:

Oluseyi Ajayi and Babatunde Musiliu Abina (2023). Role of Innovation and New Product Development for Swift Recovery in hospitality Industry in Nigeria. In P. Mohanty, A. Sharma, J. Kennell, and A. Hassan (Eds.) The Emerald Handbook of Destination Recovery in Tourism and Hospitality. Bingley: Emerald publishing Limited. Doi:10.1108/978-1-80262-073-1005.

Babatunde Abina, Oluseyi Ajayi, and Azeez Lawal (2020). Leveraging university’s value through branding. In E. Mogaji, F. Maringe and R. E. Hinson (Eds.) Strategic Marketing of Higher Education in Africa. Oxon: Routledge. 205-218pp. ISBN 978-0-367-33635-6.

Oluseyi Ajayi, Babatunde Abina and Azeez Lawal (2020). Government policies on education in Africa. In E. Mogaji, F. Maringe and R. E. Hinson (Eds.) Understanding the Higher Education Market in Africa. Oxon: Routledge. 36-49pp. ISBN 978-0-367-34438-2.