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Barbie Nash

PhD Student

Work, Informalisation and Place Research Centre


Barbie is a Doctoral Researcher in Nottingham Business School's Work, Informalisation and Place Research Centre.

Career overview

Barbie previously worked at the Nottingham City Council, in the Children and Families Services and has worked with Hope For Justice (anti-slavery charity) since 2016. Barbie has delivered training in primary/secondary schools, Colleges, Universities and community sectors to raise awareness regarding the issues of modern slavery and how to spot the signs. Barbie also worked with the Greater Nottingham Modern-Slavery Forum Group, which was lead and organised by members of the Nottingham City Council, working on community engagement projects to educate people about modern slavery.

Research areas

Barbie is currently researching ‘County Lines' through an entrepreneurial and legal approach.

External activity

Barbie is a Hope For Justice Ambassador and Lead of the Nottingham Abolition Group. She is also involved in other anti-slavery projects with the aim to raise awareness and educate people around the issues of slavery/exploitation and the importance of appropriate safeguarding. In addition, Barbie has successfully mentored several Nottingham Business School students through the Alumni Fellowship Programme.

Sponsors and collaborators

Barbie’s PhD is funded by the Vice Chancellor's Scholarship.