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David Candon

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Business School

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Department of Economics


David is a lecturer in Economics in Nottingham Business School.

Career overview

David completed his PhD in Economics in University College Dublin in 2015. He then worked in the School of Economics at the University of Edinburgh for four years before taking up a lecturer position in Nottingham Trent University in September 2019.

Research areas

David's research interests lie at the intersection of health economics, labour economics, and demographics. Specifically, his research focuses on the effect that health shocks, namely cancer, strokes, heart attacks, lung disease etc. have on labour supply.  Some research questions that he is interested in are do people stop working after a health shock, how long does it take for them to return to work, do they work more or less than they did before, how do these effects change with age, with access to health care, and with access to retirement benefits etc.


His research has been published in Acta Oncologica, Economics and Human Biology, and the European Journal of Health Economics.

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