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David Penfold

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Department of Management


MA International Management in Publishing

David is teaching the Digital Publishing module in the MA on International Management in Publishing and assessing related assignments.

Career overview

  • BSC, ARCS in Physics (Imperial College, 1966)
  • PhD, DIC in Engineering Materials Science (Imperial College, 1971)
  • Assistant Technical Editor and subsequently Technical Editor and Computer Manager, International Union of Crystallography (1971-1985)
  • Managing Director Text Management Services Ltd and Technical Director H Charlesworth & Co (companies in the Charlesworth – printing – group); carried early work on conversion of word-processing and database files for typesetting; projects included The Revised English Bible, The Colour Index and Chambers Science and Technology Dictionary. Also provided courses for publishers on SGML, tagging and file conversion.
  • Freelance editor, writer, project manager course provider and consultant, Edgerton Publishing Services (1989 to date). Project Manager Electronic Journals on SuperJANET (1993); other clients included The Lancet, Helicon, EmeraldInsight (previously MCB University Press) and the Open University. Also worked for PIRA International on the European Info 2000 MMRCS (Multimedia Rights Clearance Systems) project and on the eLib project 'The Electronic Journal and Learned Societies' in 1997 (see Learned Publishing, (1998). 11, 9–16).
  • External Examiner MA and PG Diploma in Publishing, London College of Printing (1995-2003)
    Senior Lecturer and Deputy Course Director, MA Publishing, London College of Communication (LCC) (2004-2012), teaching principally digital publishing, print production, research methods and project management, with electives on knowledge management and academic journal publishing, plus dissertation supervision; also supervision of four Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (see Research below).
  • Associate Lecturer, LCC, teaching on publishing, printing and journalism courses (2012 to date). Teaching topics include 'Futures', Resource management, quality management, health and safety management, XML and structured documents
    Lecturer, European Communication School, London (2013 to date), teaching on magazine production and project management.
  • Visiting Professor, Shenzhen Polytechnic (2013-2015).

Research areas

David is no longer formally involved in research, but writing a book on Information, Publishing and Structured Documents and a participant in project looking into the development of information audit.

Was academic supervisor for four Knowledge Transfer Projects at the London College of Communication:

  1. Octopus Publishing Group: development of a system for providing accurate pre-publication information for the Nielsen BookData database and, at the same time, generating Advanced Information (AI) sheets for distribution to the book trade.
  2. Echelon Publishing: development of s system for generating structured learning materials.
  3. Bridgeman (Art Library) Education: development of a web-based categorization system for images to make it easier to find images on specific topics. (see 'A New Approach to Accessing Images for Education' (2010). Poster at the Archiving Conference 2010. Amsterdam; with Kalliopi Vacharopoulou, Lindsay MacDonald, and Pandora Mather-Lees).
  4. The Press Association: Development of the use of new technologies for news collection, analysis and dissemination; specifically, the development of wiki-based tools for journalists and investigation of the use of natural language processing for the generation of metadata.

External activity

  • Chartered Physicist (CPhys), Member of the Institute of Physics (MInstP) (former member of Crystallography Group Committee); previously member of British Crystallographic Association.
  • Chartered Engineer (CEng, Chartered Information Systems Engineer), Chartered Information Technology Professional (CITP),
  • Member of the British Computer Society (MBCS) (Previously Chairman of the Editorial Advisory Panel, Computer Bulletin, and a member of the Learned Society and Knowledge Services, and Publications Boards).
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (MCLIP).
  • Member of the Institute of Paper, Printing and Publishing (MIP3).
  • Chairman of the British Computer Society Electronic Publishing Specialist Group 1999–2006 (Newsletter editor 1986–1993; administrator 1989–2004).
  • Former member of XML UK, previously editor of SGML Users' Group Bulletin
  • Member of the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO); recently organized meeting on 'The Shape of Knowledge'.
  • Advanced Member of Society for Editors and Proofreaders (previously Society of Freelance Editors and Proofreaders) (Treasurer 1991–1995; Internet Coordinator 1997–1999; member of the Conference Committee 2007-2012)).
  • Formerly Member of the Digital Ad Lab (an independent, open forum for those involved in all aspects of digital workflows – now no longer in existence)
  • Member of Netikx (Network for Information Exchange)
  • Reviewer and evaluator for the European Commission (DG XIII, DG IST and Info 2000) (1995-2004)
  • Convener, Working Group 1 (Terminology) and Expert member of Working Group 12 (Post-press), ISO TC130 (Graphic Technology) (2010 to date).
  • Owner and moderator, discussion list KIDMM (Knowledge, Information, data and Metadata Management) (2004 to date)
  • Publisher (Edgerton Publishing Services) or local history and related books
  • Contributor to the Radio 4 programme Fry's English Delight.


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