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Demola Obembe

Demola Obembe

Head of Strategy, Analytics and Operations

Nottingham Business School


Demola is Head of Department for Strategy, Analytics and Operations within the Business School. His role entails provision of strategic direction and academic leadership for the department. As a member of the School Executive, he also contributes to strategic and operational management of the Business School.

Career overview

Demola has over 20 years of academic teaching and research experience, having held appointments at various UK HEIs including; University of Leicester, University of Warwick, Queen Mary university of London, University of Roehampton, and most recently, De Montfort University, where he was Head of School for Leadership, Management and Marketing. Prior to entering academia, he worked in the Nigerian Banking sector with Citibank and had a stint teaching at secondary school level.

Research areas

Demola’s research interests are in the areas of; strategy process and practice, knowledge and innovation management, entrepreneurship, and social capital.

He has previously undertaken research in banking, construction, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, exploring a range of issues such as mergers and acquisitions, knowledge sharing, and general organisation studies.

He is currently a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the journal Management Decision. He has previously served as article editor for Sage Open and reviews for journals such as Organization Studies, Management Learning, Public Money and Management, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development. African Journal of Management, and Management Decision.

External activity

Demola is Visiting Professor at the School of Business, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

He also holds membership of the following academic and professional associations: British Academy of Management; Chartered Management Institute, UK – (Fellow); Higher Education Academy, UK – (Senior Fellow); Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria – (Fellow).


Selected Publications:

Mafimisebi, O., Obembe, D., and Ogunsade, A.I. (2023) ‘Planned, improvised or resilience: Small business owner-managers perception and response to crises in crisis-prone environment’, Journal of General Management.

Chapman, G., Emambocus, W., and Obembe, D. (2023) ‘Higher Education Student Motivations for Extracurricular Activities: Evidence from UK Universities’, Journal of Education and Work, 36(2):138-152.

Babajide, A., Obembe, D., Solomon, H. and Woldesenbet, K. (2022) ‘Microfinance and Entrepreneurship: The Enabling Role of Social Capital among Female Entrepreneurs’, International Journal of Social Economics, 49(8): 1152-1171.

Kolade, O., Smith, R., Obembe, D., Taiwo, A., Eyong, J., James, S. and Kibreab, G. (2022) ‘Picking up the Pieces: social capital, psycho-social support and livelihood recovery of displaced populations in Northeast Nigeria’, Journal of Development Studies, 58(6): 1280-1299.

Obembe, D., Kolade, O., Obembe, F. Owoseni, A. and Mafimisebi, O.P. (2021) ‘Covid-19 and the tourism industry: An early stage sentiment analysis of the impact of social media and stakeholder communication’, International Journal of Information Management Data Insights, 1(2),

Obembe, D., Al Mansour, J. and Kolade, O. (2020) ‘Strategy Communications and Transition Dynamics among Managers: A Public Sector Organization Perspective’, Management Decision, 59(8): 1954-1971.

Ogunsade, I. A. and Obembe, D. (2016) ‘The Influence of Informal Institutions on Informal Sector Entrepreneurship: A Study of Nigeria’s Hand-woven Textile Industry’, Journal of Small Business Entrepreneurship, 28(6): 413-429. DOI:

Obembe, D. (2013) ‘Knowledge sharing, sustained relationships and the habitus’, Management Learning, 44(4): 355-372. DOI: 10.1177/1350507612450988

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