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Dobrila Petrovic

Associate Professor

Nottingham Business School


Dr Dobrila Petrovic is an Associate Professor of Operational Research and Business Analytics in Department of Management, Nottingham Business School.

She is actively engaged in research activities within the Business School in the area of business management, and optimisation in various sectors alongside mentoring Early Career Researchers.

She is currently teaching on:

  • MSc Management and Management and Business Analytics
  • Master of Business Administration

Career overview

Dr Dobrila Petrovic is an Associate Professor of Operational Research and Business Analytics. Her teaching and research experience in the UK spans for over 20 years. She has joined Nottingham Business School in May, 2022.

Dr Dobrila Petrovic is teaching Management in Organisations on MSc programme and Data Driven Decision Making on Master of Business Administration programme.

Her research interest lies in in solving real-world problems in manufacturing, automotive industry, health sector and defence. These include supply chain management and control, inventory control, reverse logistics, production scheduling and rescheduling, scheduling in healthcare and forecasting.

She supervised to the completion 17 PhD students so far and 12 research postdoctoral fellows and assistants.

Before joining Nottingham Business School, Dobrila Petrovic was carrying out research and teaching in Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing at Coventry University. Prior to this, she was a Senior Researcher/Consultant, in Mihajlo Pupin Institute, R&D institute in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Research areas

Dr Dobrila Petrovic expertise lies in Operational Research, Artificial Intelligence and their integration, and include mathematical modelling of uncertainties in real-world management problems using fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic, optimisation and multi-objective optimisation, fuzzy optimisation, business analytics, fuzzy cognitive maps and evolving systems.

External activity

Dr Petrovic is acting as a referee for various funding bodies such as EPSRC, ESRC, The Leverhume Trust, INSPIRE (International Strategic Partnerships in Research and Education) British Council in the UK and for international funding bodies such as FWO – Research Foundation – Flanders, Belgium, Research Council Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven, Belgium, Czech Science Foundation, Czech Republic, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Israel, Republic of Serbia Ministry of Science. She is selected to be a member of European Science Foundation college of expert reviewers, 2020-present.

Dr Petrovic is Associate Editor of International Journal of Systems Science, and International Journal of Systems Science: Operations & Logistics, both published by Taylor & Francis and Associate Editor of the IMA Journal of Management Mathematics, published by Oxford University Press.

She is a Member of COPIOR – Committee of Professors of Operational Research, 2018 – present and a Member of Operational Research Society, 2006 – present.

She delivered over 20 invited presentations at various events and seminars at academia and industry such as: Speaker on a virtual Industry and Parliament Event (IPE), September, 2020, on topic Keeping the Economy Moving: Rethinking Supply Chains Post-Brexit and COVID-19, Babage Seminar , Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, Fuzzy optimisation and control in reverse logistics networks, October, 2014, Rolls Royce, Bergen, Norway, Fuzzy Optimisation for Improving Supply Network Performance, October, 2014.

Sponsors and collaborators

As Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator, Dr Petrovic have been awarded and led major projects funded by different funding bodies, including EPSRC, FP7-EU, MoD/DSTL and ERASMUS, as well as private sector organisations. She has extensive experience in collaborating with industry and national and international academic institutions.


Dr Dobrila Petrovic published over 40 papers in international reviewed journals, nearly 10 chapters in reviewed books and over 100 papers in international conference proceedings.

According to the ranking by Professor Tang et al. from UCLA, Anderson School of Management, University of California, published in European Journal of Operational Research, 247, (2015), two of her papers are among the top 10 ‘most cited’ and of ‘most prestige’ in the field of supply chain risk.

Some most recent publications:

  • Al Farsi A., Petrovic D., Doctor F., (2023), A non-iterative reasoning algorithm for fuzzy cognitive maps based on type 2 fuzzy sets, Information Sciences, 622, 319-336.
  • Petrovic D., Kalata M., Luo J., (2021), A fuzzy scenario-based optimisation of supply network cost, robustness and shortages, Computers & Industrial Engineering (2021), 160, 107555. · Gilbert A., Petrovic D., Pickering J.E., Warwick K., (2021), Multi-attribute decision making on mitigating a collision of an autonomous vehicle on motorways, Expert Systems with Applications, 171, 114581.
  • Djordjevic I., Petrovic D., Stojic G., (2019), A fuzzy linear programming model for aggregated production planning (APP) in the automotive industry, Computers in Industry, 110, 48-63.
  • Petrovic D., Ronge M., (2018), Multi-objective optimisation of risk and business strategy in real-world supply networks in the presence of uncertainty, The Journal of Operational Research Society, 70 (11), 1869-1884.
  • Zdanowicz P., Petrovic D., (2018), New mechanisms for reasoning and impacts accumulation for Rule Based Fuzzy Cognitive Maps, IEEE Transaction on Fuzzy Systems, Volume: 26, Issue: 2, 543-555.
  • Niknejad A., Petrovic D., (2016), A fuzzy dynamic inoperability input-output model for strategic risk management in global production networks, International Journal of Production Economics, 179, 44-58.
  • Niknejad A., Petrovic, D., (2014), Optimisation of integrated reverse logistics networks with different product recovery routes, European Journal of Operational Research, 238,143–154.
  • Birek L., Petrovic D., Boylan J., (2014), Water leakage forecasting: the application of a modified fuzzy evolving algorithm, Applied Soft Computing, 14, 305-315.

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