Faye Taylor

Faye Taylor

Principal Lecturer

Nottingham Business School

Staff Group(s)
Department of Marketing


Faye has a dual role at NTU. Firstly, as part of the Personalisation team within the Business School, she has a joint responsibility for promoting and progressing the Personalisation agenda. This, along with a small team of Business School colleagues involves the implementation and successful running of level 1 and 2 Personal and Professional Development Modules, the Academic Mentoring programme, Alumni Fellowship programme, Language Mentoring and a wide variety of events, conferences, training opportunities and workshops designed to support our NBS students to achieve their full potential.

Secondly, she module-leads and teaches on the final year undergraduate module International Tourism: Development, Impact and Sustainability, first year undergraduate BAIB (Bachelor in International Business) module; Culture, Communication and Learning, final year undergraduate Leadership and Employability. Faye is academic mentor for several undergraduate seminar groups and supervises Postgraduate Applied Consultancy Projects. She also deliver the Sustainability and Ethics section of the MSC Developing the Effective and Responsible Practitioner module.

Faye is an active member of a number of TILT (Trent Institute for Learning and Teaching) groups (Personalised Learning, Sustainability and Internationalisation) and part of the DELITe (Delivering Engaging Lectures and Interactive Teaching) project.

Career overview

Faye’s academic career to date has spanned from UK Further and Higher Education Colleges (Loughborough College) to a hotel school in Phuket, Thailand (Prince of Songkla University). Currently, she is also working for UDOL (University of Derby Online Learning) whereby she has authored modules for online learning and delivered online learning programmes in Hospitality, Business and Management and Education for a number of years.

Research areas

Faye completed her PhD in 2012 which concerned the influence of political economy and interpretations of sustainability within the post-disaster tourism redevelopment of Koh Phi Phi Island., Thailand. Her historical research has focused upon the political economy of post disaster tourism re-development and interpretations of sustainability.

Currently however, she is pursuing research in the field of tourism and leisure behaviour; more specifically in respect of travel and nightlife consumption, neo-tribalism and the non-conformist behaviours of the cognitively young.

She maintains an interest in the ethics and sustainability of tourism development and is currently planning to pursue pedagogical research concerning personalised and experiential learning.


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