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Francesca Morosi

Francesca Morosi


Nottingham Business School

Staff Group(s)
Department of Marketing


Francesca is currently a lecturer in the marketing department of Nottingham Business School.

Modules: Research for Marketing, Marketing Management, Principles of Marketing

Career overview

Francesca’s professional background includes tutoring, creative writing (poetry, children books and magazines articles), blogging, marketing/advertising consultancy and market research assignments within various companies and institutions.

Research areas

Francesca ‘s main research interests lie in the areas of Marketing Ethics and Consumer Behaviour, with particular reference to media, advertising and children.

Her PhD completed in 2015 – “Constructing Ideas of Femininity: A Context-rich Exploration of Young Girls’ Advertising Experiences” – has explored how pre-adolescent girls respond and interact with representations of femininity in current advertising messages, through an in-depth, qualitative and partly phenomenological approach.

External activity

Francesca is also a social entrepreneur. In 2013 she founded Media Savvy Girls CIC- a social enterprise to advance girls’ social and media literacy.

Francesca is currently trying to raise the profile of her worldwide video-project - – where she collects the views from people around the world regarding the current representation of women /girls in the media.


Check Francesca’s blog @

Press expertise

Francesca would be interested to talk or collaborate on topics in line with her research and activism endeavours,

such as:

  • marketing to children and young girls
  • ethical issues of marketing to children
  • gender stereotypes in marketing and media
  • women and girl's sexualisation
  • women/girls’ representation in the media and femininity as represented in adverts
  • issues related to gender equality in the media
  • media and marketing effects on children
  • children’ social and media literacy

(see examples of topics in her educational blog,