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Gwen Chen

Gwen Chen

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Business School

Staff Group(s)
Department of Human Resource Management


A senior lecturer at Nottingham Business School, Gwen is currently involved in teaching activities and project supervision at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.

Career overview

Prior to Nottingham Business School, Gwen worked at Newcastle University Business School and Liverpool Hope University, where she undertook teaching and supervisory activities across Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral levels in the areas of human resource management, human resource development, organisational behaviour and research methods. Gwen's research activities have focused on the areas of survivor syndrome, professional, skill utilisation and the effects of culture on work-life boundaries.

Research areas

Gwen's current research activities fold into the following areas:

Survivor syndrome: investigating the impact of redundancy from employee attitudinal and behavioural perspectives; issues including interpersonal trust relationships, workplace communication, commitment, job flexibility and work motivation are characterised.

Work identity and skill utilisation: exploring how professional knowledge and skills are exploited using labour process theory. This research particularly focuses on R & D departments within industry and the extent to which these practices exist.

Work life boundary: exploring individual perceptions of work/life attitudes and the negotiation of the boundary between the two. Studies under investigation include a comparison of the work life boundary between expats and domestic employees.

PhD supervision interests are:

  • The impact of organisational redundancy
  • Construction of professional identity and its relation to skill utilisation
  • The boundary of work and life

Gwen is particularly interested in empirical studies undertaken in the manufacturing/engineering and cultural sectors.

Sponsors and collaborators

Working papers:

Assessing the impact of surviving redundancy on shop floor employee attitudes in a UK manufacturing organisation: a quantitative comparison of survivors and newcomers (with Prof S Procter and Dr M Ness, Newcastle University Business School)

Survivors’ trust relationship following organisational redundancy: case study of a UK manufacturing company (with Prof S Procter, Newcastle University Business School)

Also working closely with practitioners and policy makers in the cultural sector.