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Hasan Nasir

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Business School


Hussan Nasir is a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in the department of Accounting and Finance at Nottingham Business School, works as a student mentor at both Undergraduate and postgraduate level, and also works as a placement tutor for both national and international placement students.

As a Lecturer, Hussan primarily teaches Financial Analysis to post graduate  and Management Accounting to undergraduate students. Hussan is mainly involved in delivering lectures, conducting seminars and also liaises with module leader of Accounting in Organisational Context to ensure that teaching quality is maintained across different seminar groups. Hussan assists module leader in assessment design as well.

Furthermore, Hussan works as module leader for Management Accounting for Decision Making and is responsible for designing course outline and assessments.

As a student Mentor, Hussan maintains regular contact with students and arranges one to one meetings to make sure that students are having the best academic experience. If any concerns or issues are raised in mentor meetings, then the relevant department or course leader is informed to make sure that the student’s concerns are addressed in due course.

As a placement Tutor, it is Hussan’s responsibility to visit placement students at their workplace to make sure that they are satisfied with their work experience and also liaises with their employer to take employer’s feedback on student’s performance at work.

In addition to this, Hussan acts as a supervisor for undergraduate students’ research projects at final year and is currently supervising projects on various topics such as Mergers and Acquisition, Financial Sustainability, Micro Finance and its impact on poverty alleviation, Factors effecting career choices for Accounting Graduates.

Moreover, Hussan assists the Course Leader and other team members in organising open days for Nottingham Business School(NBS) and represents different courses offered by NBS on open days, and addresses the queries posed by prospective students and their parents/guardians.

In the past, Hussan has taught professional qualifications such as  ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants ) and CIMA(Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) in Pakistan, at Rise School of Accounting, which gives him valuable experience of dealing with students from various cultural and ethno-linguistic backgrounds.