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Jeremy Eng-Tuck CHEAH

Associate Professor

Nottingham Business School

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Department of Accounting and Finance


Jeremy Cheah is Associate Professor of Digital Finance and Investment Technology at Nottingham Business School (NBS).

Career overview

He joined NBS in August 2019 after spending almost three years at Southampton Business School of the University of Southampton as Associate Professor of Finance. Prior to joining SBS, he had a short stint working in Sheffield Business School at Sheffield Hallam University (2016) as Reader in Finance. He also held various appointments including as a Lecturer in Finance at Sheffield University Management School, University of Sheffield (2011 to 2016) and Assistant Professor of Financial Markets at Nottingham University Business School, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (2003 to 2008). He began his academic career since 1999 as lecturer in various appointments in leading public and private universities, university colleges and colleges in Malaysia.

Research areas

Jeremy has particular interests in financial markets especially in relation to digital finance and financial and investment technology. In the past he has published in the areas of corporate social responsibility and socially responsible investing and he continues to publish in those areas. His publications have been included in regular as well as special issues in the European Journal of Operational Research (ABS4*), Human Resource Management USA (ABS4*), British Journal of Management (ABS4*), Economics Letters (ABS3*), Cambridge Journal of Economics (ABS3*), International Review of Financial Analysis (ABS3*) and Journal of Business Ethics (ABS3*) amongst others.

Selected Publications

Sung, M.-C., Mcdonald, D.C.J., Johnson, J., Tai, C.C. and Cheah, E.T. (2019) 'Improving Prediction Market Forecasts by Detecting and Correcting Possible Over-reaction to Price Movements', European Journal of Operational Research  vol. 272, no. 1, pp.389-405. (ABS 2018-4*)

Cheah, E.T., Mishra, T., Parhi, M. and Zhang, Z. (2018) 'Long Memory Interdependency and Inefficiency in Bitcoin Markets', Economics Letters, vol. 167, pp. 18-25. (ABS 2018-3*)

Fry, J.M. and Cheah, E.T. (2016) ‘Negative Bubbles and Shocks in Cryptocurrency Markets’, International Review of Financial Analysis, vol. 47, pp. 343 - 352. (ABS 2018 – 3*)

Wood, G., Yin, S., Mazouz, K. and Cheah, E.T. (2016) “Foreign Direct Investment and Employment Rights in South-Eastern Europe” Cambridge Journal of Economics, vol. 40, iss. 1, pp. 141 – 163. (ABS 2018 – 3*)

Cheah, E.T. and Fry, J.M. (2015) ‘Speculative Bubbles in Bitcoin Markets? An Empirical Investigation into the Fundamental Value of Bitcoin’, Economics Letters, vol. 130, pp. 32 – 36. (ABS 2018 - 3*)

Wood, G., Yin, S., Mazouz, K. and Cheah, E.T. (2014) ‘Foreign Direct Investment from Emerging Markets to Africa: The HRM Context’, Human Resource Management (USA), vol. 53, no. 1, pp. 179-201. (ABS 2018 – 4*)

Cheah, E.T., D. Jamali, Johnson, J.E.V. and Sung, M.-C. (2011) ‘Drivers of Corporate Social Responsibility Attitudes: The Demography of Socially Responsible Investors’, British Journal of Management, vol. 22, no. 2, pp. 305-323. (ABS 2018 – 4*)

Cheah, E.T., Chan, W.L. and Chieng, C.L.L. (2007) ‘The Corporate Social Responsibility of Pharmaceutical Product Recalls: An Empirical Examination of U.S. and U.K. Markets’, Journal of Business Ethics, vol. 76, pp. 427-449. (ABS 2018 – 3*)

Chan, W.L., Cheah, E.T. and Montanheiro, L. (2016). CSR and pharmaceutical industry In A. Ortenblad (Ed.), Research Handbook on Corporate Social Responsibility in Context, Edward Elgar.

External activity

Jeremy has won numerous awards including an award to study a Summer School module (Forecasting Financial Markets) at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He secured eight corporate sponsorships to attend academic seminars held by Harvard Business School and John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University faculty members. He has also provided consultancy to both public and private organisations, including Birmingham City Council in the UK and Securities Commissions in Malaysia.  Apart from that, he was also a recipient of the ESRC Impact Acceleration Award worth £260,000 and further grants from ESRC training bursary, Santander Research Mobility Award  and others totalling about £10,000.

He is also an active ad-hoc reviewer for a number of internationally well-ranked and reputable journals such as British Journal of Management (ABS4*), Human Resource Management USA (ABS4*), European Management Review (ABS3*), International Business Review (ABS3*), International Review of Financial Analysis (ABS3*), International Journal of Finance and Economics (ABS3*), Journal of Business Research (ABS3*), Journal of Business Ethics (ABS3*), Journal of Financial Stability (ABS3*), Journal of International Markets, Institutions and Money (ABS3*), Physica A (ABS2*), Research in International Business and Finance (ABS2*), North American Journal of Economics and Finance (ABS2*), Economic Modelling (ABS2*),  Review of Financial Economics (ABS2*), Applied Economics (ABS2*), Applied Financial Econmoics (ABS2*), Management Research Review (ABS1*), PLOS One, Sage Open, Emerging Markets and Trade and Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies. He also sits on the Editorial Board of Heliyon and has acted as ad-hoc grant application reviewer for Danish Council for Independent Research and Czech Science Foundation.

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Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Financial and Investment Technology, Financial Markets