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Oluwole Adeniyi

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Business School


Oluwole Adeniyi is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Management at Nottingham Business School (NBS). His role at NBS involves teaching and researching. Oluwole teach both undergraduate and postgraduate. Oluwole’s PhD focused on “a critical assessment of alleged anti-social retailers and socio-economic deprivation in England”. Oluwole is a multi-disciplinary researcher with advanced data analytics and application of geo-spatial skills in Business and Management context. His research interests include Operations Management, Data Driven Decision Support Systems, Supply Chain Management, Business Geography, Location Intelligent Analysis, Gambling, and Inequalities.

Career overview

Oluwole has worked in different roles here at NTU. Before joining us in the Management Department as a full-time lecturer, he worked as an Associate Lecturer in Management, Research Fellow in Procurement and Supply Chain and Library Academic Skills Tutor (maths and statistics). He is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.  Oluwole also has over 7 years of industry experience as a Data Consultant, Business Development and Marketing Officer with a geo-spatial company and 2 first tier financial institutions in Nigeria,respectively. Oluwole has also published in ABS Journals and presented at various conferences such as British Academy of Management, Geographical Information Science Research UK and International Symposium on Marketing Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility. Oluwole has also successfully won both internal and external grants to support his research activities.

Research areas

Retail geography, Retail management, Area Classification, Location Intelligent Analysis, Gambling, Spatial Analysis, Health and Social Care Inequalities.


Journal Articles

Kapilashrami, A., Otis, M., Omodara, D., Nandi, A., Vats, A., Adeniyi, O., Speed, E., Potter, J.L., Eder, B., Pareek, M. and Bhui, K., 2021. Ethnic disparities in health & social care workers’ exposure, protection, and clinical management of the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK. Critical Public Health, pp.1-14.

Adeniyi, O., Brown, A. and Whysall, P., 2020. Retail location preferences: A comparative analysis. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 55, p.102146.

Book Chapter

Adeniyi, O., Whysall, P. and Brown, A., 2018. Exploratory analysis of retailers and socio-economic deprivation. In: British Academy of Management 2018 Conference proceedings. London: British Academy of Management.

Conference Presenation

Wijeyaratne, O. A., Adeniyi, O. and Harris, A. C., 2020. Towards a framework of engagement-based student satisfaction reporting for a sustainable future (Conceptual Framework). In British Academy of Management Conference Proceedings. Manchester, UK

Adeniyi, O., Gallallalage, R. and Wijeyaratne, O. A., 2020. A development of a conceptual framework to study customer buying behaviour during a pandemic crisis. In 18th Annual International Conference on Marketing, June – July 2020, Athens, Greece

Adeniyi O., Whysall, P. and Brown, A., 2019. A comparative analysis: Retailers’ locations and socioeconomic deprivation. In: 27th Geographical Information Science Research UK, 2019 Conference Proceedings. Newcastle: GISRUK

Adeniyi, O., Brown, A. and Whysall, P., 2018. Commercial locations and socio-economic deprivation. In International Symposium on Marketing Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, 6th edition. Conference Proceedings. Nottingham, UK.

Adeniyi O., Whysall, P. and Brown, A., 2017. Commercial locations and social deprivation: A Critical Assessment of Alleged Anti-Social Retailers’ Locations and Socioeconomic Deprivation (Proposed Method). In: Geographical Information Science Research UK, 2017, 25th edition. Conference Proceedings. Manchester: GISRUK.

Thesis Presentation

Adeniyi, O., 2020. Commercial locations and social deprivation: a criticalassessment of alleged anti-social retailers' locations and socio-economic deprivation in England. PhD, Nottingham Trent University

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