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Preethi Manjunath

Preethi Misha

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Business School

Staff Group(s)
Department of Management


Dr. Preethi Misha is the co-course leader for the online MBA program at Nottingham Business School. Preethi also teaches the Professional Practice and Cross Cultural Communication modules and provides academic mentorship to postgraduate students at NBS. Along with this, Preethi tutors on the online MBA on the responsible leadership and values-led organisation modules.

Career overview

Prior to joining NBS in 2015, Preethi worked at investment banks Goldman Sachs, Deutsche bank and Switzerland based reinsurer Swiss Re.

Preethi received the Dean's bursary to commence her PhD at NBS in 2015. During her PhD, Preethi received the prestigious Founders Award from the Society for Business Ethics (SBE) in Chicago in 2018. She has presented her work internationally in the US, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand and Germany. She has received £12,500 in funding for her work on leadership ethics. During her PhD, Preethi won NTU’s 3-minute thesis competition twice in 2018 and 2019 and was a UK national finalist where she represented NTU in 2019. She was the first student from NTU to reach the national finals.

Using a mixed methods approach, Preethi works closely with Prof. Marius van Dijke on projects related to leadership ethics and meaning at the workplace. Preethi also  works with Professors Sander De Leeuw and Helen Shipton on research projects.

Preethi successfully defended her PhD on November 20, 2020 and was examined by Prof. Ed Freeman and Dr. Jeroen Camps.

In 2022, the NTSU student-led awards conferred Preethi with the outstanding teaching award for Nottingham Business School. Preethi was also chosen to be a part of the Business and Human Rights (BHR) Young Researcher Summit in St. Gallen, Switzerland for her research on the precarity of the gig economy.

Research areas

Preethi’s PhD aimed at understanding followers' perspectives in trickle-down effects of unethical leadership. In doing so, Preethi explored followers' meaning-making schemas as well as meaning at work idiosyncrasies that can enable or restrict the cascading of unethical leadership from the top.

Sponsors and collaborators

Prof. Marius van Dijke

Prof. Sander De Leeuw

Prof. Helen Shipton