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James Devlin

James Devlin

Professor of Financial Services

Nottingham Business School

Staff Group(s)
Department of Accounting and Finance


Jim Devlin is the Director of the Centre for Finance, Technology and Society and Professor of Financial Services with a particular focus on practice in the financial sector. In his role as Centre Director, Jim is responsible for leadership and management of all aspects of centre activity including renowned and impactful research, comprehensive integration with policy and practice and contributing to the excellent and personalised educational experience for which NBS is well known.

Career overview

Jim spent some time working in private client and investment banking before joining what is now Nottingham University Business School, where he completed a PhD in strategy and consumer decision making in financial services in 1996. Jim spent a number of years at the University of Nottingham, including a three-year posting at the University of Nottingham, Malaysia. During his time at Nottingham, Jim fulfilled a variety of leadership and management roles, culminating with a period as Dean of the Business School. Jim has also worked at what is now Bayes Business School in the City of London and more recently at the University of Leicester where he was Dean of the School of Business. In November 2021 Jim left Leicester to join Nottingham Trent University as Director of the newly formed Centre for Finance, Technology and Society.

Research areas

Jim heads up the Centre for Finance, Technology and Society which is primarily based in the Department of Accounting and Finance and is one of a number of research centres which constitute the research community at Nottingham Business School. The Centre has three core themes as follows:

  • Technologies and Innovation in Financial Services
  • Regulation and Policy; People and Place; Ethics and Security
  • Consumers; Strategy, Competition and Innovation; Sustainable and Inclusive Finance

Within these themes, Jim’s main research interests focus on the interface between consumers, firms and policymakers in financial services. He has a long-standing interest in the conceptualisation and measurement of trust and fairness in financial services as well as the antecedents and consequences thereof. Jim is also interested in aspects of consumer attitudes and decision-making in financial services and the impact of technology and innovation on consumers and their interactions with firms. He has also carried out several policy-orientated investigations focusing on issues such as financial exclusion, the fair treatment of customers and how product simplification may increase levels of engagement. Finally, Jim’s research has also focussed on marketing and branding in financial services more broadly, as well as some other aspects of marketing and strategy.

Jim is an experienced PhD supervisor and would welcome applications in any of the areas mentioned above, but in particular those focussed upon:

  • The conceptualisation and antecedents of consumer trust in the context of financial services markets which are characterised by decentralisation, technological innovation and disruption.
  • The marketing and promotion of decentralised, disruptive and increasingly crypto-based assets and services and implications for consumer protection legislation
  • Fintech, artificial intelligence, machine learning, automated advice and related ethical concerns
  • Financial technology and inclusive finance

External activity

Jim is a member of the Academic Advisory Board for the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa and is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Financial Markets and Institutions SIG of the British Accounting and Finance Association. By virtue of professional qualifications, Jim is a Member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment, a Certified Member of the Chartered Banker Institute and a Certified Green and Sustainable Finance Professional.

Jim recently served as a Member of the Peer Assessment Panel for the Higher Education Authority of Ireland North-South Research Programme which is a unique funding call that aims to support the deepening of links between higher education institutions, researchers, and research communities on the island of Ireland. The programme is a collaborative scheme arising from the Government’s Shared Island Initiative and will distribute Euro 40 million over five years.

Jim has served as a judge and panel member for the Financial Innovation Awards by the London Institute of Banking and Finance since 2013 and in 2019 was a member of the judging panel for the Best Challenger Bank award at the Growth Finance Awards.

Previously, Jim spent six years as a member of the Board of Governors of London Institute of Banking and Finance (formally ifs University College) acting in a Trustee/Non-Executive Director capacity and also served on the Remco Committee for LiBF.

Jim’s work has also prompted a large amount of media interest and coverage including; interviews for Moneybox (Radio 4), BBC local radio stations, Yorkshire Coast Radio, Waves Radio, Siren FM and coverage in Money Mail, the Financial Advisor Magazine, Financial World Magazine, Chartered Banker Magazine, Money Marketing and the Australian Financial Review amongst others.

Jim has served as on a number of EQUIS and AMBA accreditation and re-accreditation panels as well as validating numerous programmes at all levels.

Jim is also a retained External Assessor for academic appointments in the Department of Finance and Banking, University of Malaya, Malaysia and from 2014-2021 served as an External Research Assessor for University of Sussex. He has also been an External Examiner for taught courses at the Universities of Exeter, Strathclyde and Edinburgh and an External Examiner for PhD and DBA candidates both nationally and internationally.

Away from work, Jim is a qualified age-grade rugby union coach and referee and a member at his local club West Bridgford RFC, a Nottingham RFC season ticket holder and a debenture holder at Murrayfield.

Sponsors and collaborators

Jim has been involved in a number of research projects and collaborations with organisations such as HM Treasury, the Thoresen Review (on behalf of HM Treasury), the Financial Services Authority (now the FCA), the Office of Fair Trading, the Financial Services Institute of Australia and Toynbee Hall focussing on policy related issues, both in a consultative capacity and as a member of expert panels. Jim has also worked with the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association and Willis Towers Watson PLC on research related to pensions and consumer behaviour. Jim was also co-organiser of an ESRC seminar series entitled Financial Services and Consumers: Issues and Challenges in a Context of Change with a total of six seminars being held in London, Edinburgh and Nottingham.

Jim has collaborated on a number of occasions with the Chartered Banker Institute both as a member of roundtable discussion on professionalism and standards in banking and to produce a major report on Professional Pride in Banking.


Selected and Recent publications include:

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