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Sidra Yousaf

Sidra Yousaf


Human Resource Management

Staff Group(s)
Department of Human Resource Management


Sidra is an hourly paid lecturer in Human Resource management studies in the Business school. Sidra’s research focuses on the HRM system, Process, Trust, Justice and Organisational behaviours.

Career overview

Sidra is currently working on her PhD research in the area of HRM at Nottingham Trent University and aims to complete it by 2022. She completed her postgraduate degree in Human Resource Management MSc (HRM) in 2017 from Nottingham Trent University. Sidra completed her undergraduate degree in BSc (Economics and Finance) in 2016.

Research areas

Ms Sidra’s research interest includes:

  • HRM System (HR content, HR process and HR climate)
  • Organizational Justice
  • Trust
  • Organizational behaviours
  • High-performance Work system (HPWS)
  • HR Process (Distinctiveness, consistency, and consensus)

External activity

BAM student membership (2021/2022)

CIPD associate membership (2017/2018)