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Photograph of Tatbeeq Raza Ullah

Tatbeeq Raza-Ullah

Associate Professor

Nottingham Business School


Tatbeeq is an Associate Professor of Strategy and Marketing in the marketing department of Nottingham Business School (NBS)

Career overview

Tatbeeq obtained his PhD, titled “A theory of experienced paradoxical tension in co-opetitive alliances” from Umeå University (Sweden) in 2017. His exceptional thesis quality won him one of the most prestigious scholarship awards in Sweden - a three-year, full-time research grant from The Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius Foundation. Following his PhD, Tatbeeq worked as a lecturer and senior lecturer at Umeå University, and in 2021, he was conferred with the title of Docent (Associate Professor) in Business Administration.

At present, Tatbeeq is involved in a wide range of tasks at NBS, such as teaching and supervising both undergraduate and postgraduate students, participating in recruitment/selection interviews, and carrying out line management duties. He also serves as the coordinator of the Peer Reviewed Scheme at the Marketing and Consumer Studies (MACS) centre within NBS.

Research areas

Tatbeeq’s research broadly focuses on how interfirm coopetition relationships (i.e., simultaneous pursuit of cooperation and competition between firms) can enable firms to undertake highly complex, large scale, risky and innovative projects and thus create superior value at different levels (e.g., firm, alliance, network, societal). More specifically, his research uncovers the nature, consequences, and management of paradoxical tensions and complex emotions inherent in such relationships.

He is currently investigating how small firms in the creative and cultural industries can scale up their businesses by focusing on both artistic and economic value creation. Other current projects include topics such as coopetition for life sciences, coopetition for sustainability, entrepreneurial orientation/bricolage, and the impact of unforeseen events such as COVID-19 on SMEs. His work has been published in shape of several book chapters and articles in top-tier journals such as Industrial Marketing Management, Long Range Planning, and Journal of Management Inquiry. Tatbeeq is also an active member of the editorial board of Industrial Marketing Management.

Tatbeeq’s research has received some outstanding attention. For example, a bibliometric analysis appeared in a recent article in Journal of Business Research (2022) reports that he is ranked at number 5 and 8 on the list of Top-20 authors in the field of coopetition based on page rank and total citations respectively. Tatbeeq was also ranked at number 77 in the list of 100 topmost productive and cited researchers in social sciences in Sweden by FOKUS 2019.

Furthermore, his research work received several awards. To name but a few, he received the Best Doctoral Research Proposal Award by European Institute of Advanced Studies in Management (2014), Maud & Samme Lindmark Family Foundation Award for excellent Inter-org Innovation Research (2016), and Best Paper Award from the European Academy of Management (2019).

Tatbeeq is open to receiving proposals from  highly driven, industrious candidates who are eager to pursue a PhD and have a keen interest in exploring topics related to coopetition, strategic alliances, innovation clusters,  B2B marketing, sustainability, paradoxes, and emotions.

External activity

Visiting scholar at Loughborough University (Nov 2021-Aug2022, Loughborough).

Invited by MultiHelix AB to a Think Tank Workshop to introduce Coopetition for the Life Sciences Industry and lead roundtable discussions (2021).

Invited speaker by Scandinavian Outdoor Group to address its 40+ member companies about the need and benefits of coopetition (April 2019, Stockholm).

Invited speaker to Blockchain Forum attended by about 50 companies involved in developing the Blockchain technology through coopetition (Dec 2016, Paris).

Invited to an exclusive discussion session at Ericsson (with the senior executive team of Strategic Sourcing and Partnering) to present his work and talk over the implications of Ericsson’s relationship with its competitors (2016, Stockholm).

Active participation in world leading research conferences such as AOM, EGOS, BAM, and EURAM (through paper presentations, organizing PDWs, chairing tracks and paper sessions).

Member editorial board - Industrial Marketing Management

Ad-hoc reviewer for journals such as Long Range Planning, European Management Journal, and Journal of Business Research.

Provide consultancy to non-profit sports clubs on how to apply and succeed in getting public grants during spare time.

Sponsors and collaborators

Tatbeeq’s research projects have benefitted from the support of several public and private foundations including but not limited to Tillväxverket (4.59 million SEK), FORTE (2.73 million SEK), JWTHS (1.73 million SEK), USBE Research Institute and PEW Foundation (0.4 million SEK).

Tatbeeq works/has worked with a range of scholars for joint research projects/grants as well as organizing/leading conference related activities. To name a few: Maria Bengtsson (Umeå University), Devi Gnyawali (Virginia Tech), Sören Kock (Hanken School of Economics), Lea Stadtler (Grenoble Ecole de Management), Manish Srivastava (Michigan Tech), Anne-Sophie Fernandez (Université de Montpellier), Josh Keller (Nanyang Technological University), Natalie Slawinski (Memorial University), Anna Minà (LUMSA University), James Crick (University of Leicester).

Tatbeeq also co-founded the Umeå Cricket Club in 2012 and served as its president for five years. During his tenure, he successfully secured support from a number of reputable sponsors and raised substantial funds for the club.


Journal Article

Raza-Ullah, T., Stadtler, L., & Fernandez, A.-S. (2023). The individual manager in the spotlight: Protecting sensitive knowledge in inter-firm coopetition relationships. Industrial Marketing Management, 110: 85-95. [ABDC: A*; ABS: 3*]

Xu, R., Wu, J., Gu, J., & Raza-Ullah, T. (2023). How inter-firm cooperation and conflicts in industrial clusters influence new product development performance? The role of firm innovation capability. Industrial Marketing Management, 111: 229-241. [ABDC: A*; ABS: 3*]

Bengtsson, M., & Raza-Ullah, T. (in press). Paradoxical tensions at multiple levels and top management team crosslevel bridging in coopetition: a conceptual model. Strategic Management Review

Raza-Ullah, T. (2021). When does (not) a coopetitive relationship matter to performance? An empirical investigation of the role of multidimensional trust and distrust. Industrial Marketing Management. 96, 86-99. [ABDC: A*; ABS: 3*]

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Raza-Ullah, T. (2020). Experiencing the paradox of coopetition: A moderated mediation framework explaining the paradoxical tension–performance relationship. Long Range Planning, 53(1): 101863. [ABDC: A; ABS: 3*]

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Chapter in Book

Raza-Ullah, T., (2019). The power of 'both/and': simultaneous trust and distrust in inter-firm coopetitive alliances. In: BAM2019 Conference Proceedings: Building And Sustaining High Performance Organisations During Uncertain Times. London: British Academy of Management. ISBN 9780995641327

Raza-Ullah, T., Bengtsson, M., & Vanyushyn, V. (2018). Coopetition Capability: What is it? In A. S. Fernandez, P. Chiambaretto, W. Czakon, & F. L. Roy (Eds.), Routledge Handbook of Coopetition: An Outlook Beyond Coopetition Strategies. Routledge Companion.

Bengtsson, M., & Raza-Ullah, T. (2017). Paradox at an Inter-Firm level: A Coopetition Lens. In W. Smith, M. Lewis, P. Jarzabkowski, & A. Langley (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Organizational Paradox: 296-314. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Raza-Ullah, T., & Eriksson, J. (2017). Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Leakage in Dyadic Coopetitive Alliances involving SMEs. In S. Sindakis, & P. Theodorou (Eds.), Global Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Growth: Coopetition and Knowledge Dynamics within and across Firms: 229-252. UK: Emerald Publishing Limited. 

Conference Contribution

Raza-Ullah, T., &  Kouamé, S. (2023). Linking coopetition paradox with firm performance: The roles of emotional capability, ambivalence and unintentional knowledge leakage. European Group for Organizational Studies, Cagliari, 6-8 July.

Bengtsson, M., Manzhynski, S., Stål, H., & Raza-Ullah, T. (2021). Out of the ashes and into the fire? Organizing mechanisms navigating multiple paradoxes in cross-sectoral collaboration for sustainability. European Group for Organizational Studies, Amsterdam, 8-10July.

Raza-Ullah, T., & Bengtsson (2020). Does size matter in achieving private and common benefits from coopetition? European Group for Organizational Studies, Hamburg 2-4July.

Raza-Ullah, T., Bengtsson, M., & Gnyawali. D. (2019). Managing the dark side of coopetition. Presented at the European Academy of Management, Lisbon, Portugal, 26-28 June.

Bengtsson, M., Raza-Ullah, T., & Bouncken, R. (2019). The Paradox Perspective and the Interplay of Cooperation and competition. Presented at the Strategic Management Review mini-conference, Palermo. Italy, 21-22 June.

Raza-Ullah, T., Bengtsson, M., & Gnyawali. D. (2018). Experienced paradoxical tension in coopetition and firm performance: The moderating role of coopetition capability. Presented at the European Group for Organizational Studies, Tallinn, Estonia July 5-7.

Raza-Ullah, T. (2017). Emotions…Really? The Role of Emotional Ambivalence, Acceptance Response and Balancing Capability in Explaining Tension–Performance Relationship in Co-opetition Alliances. Presented at the European Group for Organizational Studies, Copenhagen, Denmark, July 6-8.

Bengtsson, M., Raza-Ullah, T., & Vanyushyn, V. (2014). Linking coopetition tensions with performance: The mediating role of ambidexterity. Presented at the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management. Umeå, Sweden, May 22-23.

Bengtsson M. Johansson, M., Näsholm, M., & Raza-Ullah, T. (2013). A systematic review of coopetition: levels and effects on different levels. Presented at the European Academy of Management, Istanbul, Turkey, June 26-29.

Raza-Ullah, T., & Bengtsson, M. (2013). Tension in paradoxical relationships between firms. Presented at the European Group for Organizational Studies, Montréal, Canada, July 4-6.


Raza-Ullah, T. (2017). A theory of experienced paradoxical tension in co-opetitive alliances. Doctoral dissertation, Umeå University. Series B, No. 97, ISSN 0346-8291.

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