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Toke Bjerregaard staff profile image

Toke Bjerregaard

Senior Research Fellow

Nottingham Business School

Staff Group(s)
Department of Management


Toke Bjerregaard is Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Management, Nottingham Trent University, in the Responsible and Sustainable Business Lab (research centre within NBS). He is interested in the work of strategizing and organizing for grand challenges and sustainability.

Career overview

Toke holds a PhD from and has worked as associate professor at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University, Denmark. Toke’s research has revolved around the work of strategizing, organizing, and managing in complex contexts. The research has addressed the strategies and practices of organizations in navigating a range of complex settings (including organizations in highly complex organizational fields, multinational corporations, international professional service firms etc). The research is often grounded in a practice-based studies. He has also had a keen interest in research conversations at the intersections of institutional theory and practice-based management studies, for example addressing how organizations seek to harness complexity to harvest its possible benefits. Over the past years, these interests have evolved into a line of studies on strategy processes and practices around grand societal challenges within and between organizations.

Teaching: taught topics such as global management (strategy, IHRM, CSR in MNCs, culture etc), qualitative methodology, team management, strategy as practice, organizational change etc.

Toke supervises students within the broad fields of strategy, organization and leadership as well as international business and management. He is open for supervising students within all academic levels, from undergraduate to PhD students.

Research areas

Toke studies the strategies and practices mobilised by organisations and their actors in strategizing, organizing and managing in complex contexts. Recent projects explore the strategy processes and practices of multinational corporations in tackling grand societal challenges. These studies are examples of ‘grand challenge’ research within the field of strategy studies that deals with challenges faced by local and global communities and firms’ involvement in tackling them.

Research topics: Managing, strategizing and organizing in complex contexts, strategy-as-practice, grand challenges and sustainability

Publishing in journals such as: Organization Studies, British Journal of Management, Strategic Organization, European Management Journal, Technovation.

External activity

Referee activity: reviewing for journals such as Organization Studies, Journal of Management Studies, British Journal of Management, Human Relations, Academy of Management Review, Research Policy, European Management Journal

Editorial review board member at: European Management Journal

TB has been involved in different consultancy jobs, for example writing reports for key industry and government actors, providing input to research councils on furthering research and development at the intersection of universities and industry.

Collaborations with a wide range of public, private and hybrid organizations on research projects.

Stays abroad: Stanford University, Lund University.