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Vangelis Tsiligiris

Vangelis Tsiligkiris

Associate Professor

Nottingham Business School


Vangelis Tsiligkiris (also known as Tsiligiris) (SFHEA, FCMI) is an Associate Professor at Nottingham Business School (NBS). He is the Course Leader for the MSc Finance Suite (Accounting, Finance, Investment Banking) and MSc FinTech and Financial Markets. He is part of the management team of the Accounting & Finance department and the NBS Academic Planning & Delivery group.

Career overview

Vangelis has 20 years’ experience in leadership roles in higher education, including research, teaching, and departmental line management. Alongside his leadership, research, and teaching experience, he has broad experience in internationalisation of higher education and particularly in transnational education collaborations.

Over a period of 20 years, Vangelis has developed and taught programmes and modules in the wider subjects of Management Accounting, Finance, Business Economics, Entrepreneurial Finance, and, most recently, Financial Technology. Also, he has been involved in online education as Head of Online Programmes for Roehampton University London, and as member of the team that developed the Online MBA course at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University.

Vangelis has broad experience in European transnational education (TNE) and internationalisation of higher education.  In the past, he has acted as a higher education policy advisor to the Ministry of Education of Malta on the internationalisation of higher education policy. In 2020, he delivered professional development workshops to Rectors, Deans and Senior Managers of universities in Georgia. He has conducted confidential consultancy research for a 1994 Group university and his findings were used to inform the university internationalisation strategy.  Also, he has conducted consultancy research for international organisations such as the British Council, Universities UK, and the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

He has studied Financial Technology at the University of Oxford; Economics at the University of East London; Management at the University of Leicester; and holds a PhD in cross-border higher education management by Birmingham City University.

Research areas

Vangelis is an active researcher and his research activity is concentrated around two areas: a) Transnational education, with focus on international student experience, and international higher education business strategy; and b) teaching and learning in accounting and finance with focus on the impact of new technologies (e.g. Blockchain, AI) on the Accounting profession. He has published his research in 3*ABS journals and presented in international conferences.

Also, he has conducted high-profile consultancy research for prominent organisations such as the British Council, Universities UK, and more recently the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT).

As researcher and leader in international higher education he has developed an extensive network of contacts. In 2016 he founded the TNE-Hub ( ) - a community of researchers and practitioners in Transnational Education which now has more than 500 members from 25 countries.

He is a member of the team of researchers that developed the Global Engagement Index. This is an innovative project aiming to evaluate and benchmark the internationalisation and global engagement profile of all UK universities.

Vangelis was member of the research team that conducted three volumes of the world-leading reports “The Shape of Global Higher Education” published by the British Council.

In 2018, Vangelis has published an edited book in the internationalisation of higher education, with specific focus on exporting transnational education. A second edited book that explores the impact of transnational education in host countries was published by Palgrave in 2021.

External activity

Vangelis is a visiting Professor at Birmingham City University and an Honorary Lecturer at the Management School of the University of Liverpool. He is external examiner for the University of Surrey and Queen Margaret University.

He is an advisor and mentor for EdTech start-ups.

Membership of national organisations, charitable bodies, expert committees

  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (Advance HE) (SFHEA)
  • Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (FCMI)
  • Advisory Panel Member of the Universities UK International TNE group
  • Advisory Board Member of the UK NARIC Transnational Education (TNE) Quality Benchmark
  • Member of the Jisc transnational education special interest group
  • Academic board member of the assessment committee of the intergovernmental organisation EDU
  • Member of the HEI resonance group for the EU project e-VALUATE.
  • Member of the European Banking Authority (EBA) Fintech working group.
  • Member of the Experts Advisory Group for the European Union funded research project “Virtual Vocational Education and Training – VIRTUS”

Sponsors and collaborators

  • British Council
  • Association of Commonwealth Universities
  • Universities UK International (UUKi)
  • The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT)
  • Jisc


In 2021, Vangelis conducted an extensive research about the skills and personal qualities required in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR):

  • TSILIGKIRIS, V. and BOWER, D., 2021. Exploring the impact of 4IR on skills and personal qualities for future accountants: a proposed conceptual framework for university accounting education. Accounting Education. ISSN 0963-9284

Vangelis was member of the research team that conducted three volumes of the world-leading reports “The Shape of Global Higher Education” published by the British Council.

In 2019, Vangelis published a conceptual framework that facilitates the concurrent management of student experience and educational quality in an international higher education context.

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Press expertise

Vangelis is a regular media commentator and keynote speaker on transnational education (TNE) issues and research.

Some of the media he has contributed to include:

  • BBC radio
  • The Guardian
  • Times Higher Education
  • University World News
  • EAIE Forum magazine
  • Gulf Business
  • The PIE News
  • ICEF monitor

UN Sustainable Goals

Vangelis has been working extensively on the application of international education in promoting the UN SDGs. He has developed the TNE IMPACT (; a global repository of transnational education impact case studies in relation to the UN SDGs. Also, he has secured a British Council exploratory grant to develop a micro-credentials online course that aims to widen the participation in higher education of disadvantaged groups in India. Lastly, he has conducted research on the impact of international education partnerships in promoting the UN SDGs.

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