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Weixi Han

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Business School

Staff Group(s)
Academic Division Department of Management


Dr Weixi Han is a senior lecturer in Supply Chain Management at Nottingham Business School.

Weixi is leading and teaching undergraduate and postgraduate modules of Supply Chain Management.

Weixi is actively engaged in research activities across various disciplines and other universities intending to deliver the high number and quality academic/practice outputs and impact research.

Research areas

Dr Han’s research area is in the field of supply chain management practice research which explores the complexity of practical contexts and their influence on supply chain management theory development. Having built a strong empirical research foundation and understood the importance of the theory-practice alignment, Weixi’s research approach is inclusive of the broader business concern; and implicates and guidance the academic research findings to the industrial practitioner.

External activity

Ad-hoc Reviewer in ABS 3* academic journals.

Professional (academic) membership in European Operations Management Association

Professional (academic) membership in Production and Operations Management Society

Professional (academic) membership in Academy of Management

Sponsors and collaborators

Weixi’s research is a work in progress and has a large potential impact on international enterprises’ decisions allowing them to prioritise and focus on their different business collaborators.

Weixi’s research collaborates with other universities in the UK and International networks. In collaborating with industries, Weixi gained valuable work experience, applying the academic skills in practice. It entailed working with top international commercial groupings on projects of supply chain collaboration and business-to-business relationships.