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Wenjie Peng

Research Fellow

School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment

Staff Group(s)
Product Design


Dr. Wenjie Peng is research fellow of Product Design and works at the Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering Centre (ADMEC), Nottingham Trent University. His research interests include product design, circular economy, ICT / IoT in industry, condition monitoring, Web services, database, wireless/mobile computing, software engineering, finite element analysis, materials.

He participated in several external funded research projects, such as EU H2020 CIRC4Life, EU FP7 myEcoCost, FP7 Marie Curie Agitator-CBM, FP7 cycLED, UK EMDA Sustainable Construction iNET programmes, UK EMDA Stimulation Innovation Success programme (SIS), UK - China sustainable flooring product project.

He is co-guest editor of two special issues in International Journal of Materials and Product Technology and in journal Sustainability respectively, and editorial board member of International Journal of Design Engineering.

He is involved in organising four International Conferences on Advanced Design and Manufacture. He also involved in teaching MSc and BSc in product design and PhD supervision.

Career overview

Project Manager and senior research fellow of the EU Horizon 2020 project ‘CIRC4Life: Circular economy approach for life cycle of products and services’,2018-2021 (project budget 7,228,773.75 Euros, 17 consortium teams from 8 EU countries (Grant agreement No. 776503).

Supervision of PhD projects as second supervisor:

  • PhD project entitled “Enhancing Product Sustainability Underpinned with Information System and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)”, The candidate degree was awarded PhD in 2018.
  • PhD project ‘Sustainable Lighting Product Development Underpinned by Online Data Mining and Life Cycle Assessment’. The candidate degree was awarded PhD in 2022.

Examiner of PhD candidate viva:

  • PhD project entitled “Developing the sustainability management system for industrial companies in Libya”. Completed on 21/06/2017.
  • PhD project “Holistic Approach for Sustainable Product Development and Service”. Completed on 09/06/2021.

Teaching experience

  • Teaching the module ‘Computer-aided Engineering and Internet Technology’ of MSc’s Advanced Product Design Engineering
  • Supervision of MSc/BSc Major Study Projects as second supervisor
  • Supervision of undergraduates of the European Project Semester (EPS) projects

Research areas

Research involved in the areas of industrial and product design, circular economy, mechanical engineering, condition monitoring, materials, the Internet of things, wireless computing, LED lighting, artificial intelligence, CAD/CAE, and product sustainability monitoring:

  • EU H2020 CIRC4Life (2018-2021), “A circular economy approach for lifecycles of products and services”.
  • EU FP7 myEcoCost (2012-2015), “A consumer oriented prototype - forming the nucleus of a novel Ecological Accounting System”
  • EU FP7 Marie Curie AgitatorCBM (2011-2012), “Condition based maintenance of agitator using advanced condition monitoring and Internet technologies”
  • EU FP7 cycLED (2012-2014), “Cycling resources embedded in systems containing Light Emitting Diodes”,
  • UK-China sustainable flooring product project (2015-2017), “Development of An Integrated Approach for Sustainable Flooring Products”.
  • UK EMDA Sustainable Construction iNET project (2010), ”Development of an Innovative Monitoring System of Sustainable Thermo-Electric-Generations (TEGs)”.
  • UK EMDA Sustainable Construction iNET project (2011), ”Development of a Mobile Control System of Solid Desiccant Dehumidifier for Air Conditioning in Low Carbon Emission Buildings”.
  • UK EMDA Stimulation Innovation Success project (2007-2008), “Remote Condition Monitoring of Industrial Gearbox for Agitator”.
  • EU Regional funded Enabling Innovation project (2016-2017), ”Application of Ultraviolet-based LED (UV-LED) in the Printing Technology”.

External activity

  • Editorial board member,  International Journal of Design Engineering
  • Co-guest editor of special issue 'Advanced Design and Manufacture’, International Journal of ‘Materials and Product Technology’ (2015)
  • Co-guest editor of special issue ‘Circular Economy Approaches for Lifecycles of Products and Services’, journal ‘Sustainability’ (2021).
  • Involvement in organising four International Conferences on Advanced Design and Manufacture (ADM2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013), including developing and managing the ADM conference Websites, organising the review of papers, and editing the special issues of refereed international journals ‘Key Engineering Material’.


Research publications include 11 journal papers with high impact factors and SNIP published in the IJ.B&E (2019), IJ.MPT (2016), IJ.S (2020, 2021, 2022, 2022), and KEM (2010-2014) respectively; 3 chapters in the book published in Springer (2020); and 8 papers published in refereed international conference proceedings.

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D. Su, W. Peng, “3D Simulation and finite element analysis of an involute cylindrical worm and helical gear drive”, the 11th International Conference on Tools, ICT2004, 15th May 2004, Miscolc, Hungary

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Press expertise

  • Sustainable product design and manufacturing, including the elaboration of product design specification, conceptual design, detail design, test and protype, and manufacture meeting the eco-constrains and product quality.
  • Expertise of Internet and communication technologies within the Internet, remote sensing, wireless computing and mobile communication, and their applications in real-time online tracking of working conditions of machines, such as industrial eco-recycling system, sustainable solar unit, air-condition, and gearbox.
  • Software programming with sensing and remote communication technologies, programable signal processing, hardware interface (digital I/O). Knowledge of the traceability technology based on data carriers, such as radio frequency identification (RFID) and barcode, and their applications, such as in end-of-life electronic product recycling.
  • Computer-aided design/engineering (CAD/CAE), finite element analysis, and materials, such as composite floor’s strength and deformation, loaded gear tooth contact impact.
  • Expertise of LED measurement technology, including the setup of LED measurement environment, luminaire measurement with the use of Integrating Sphere and Goniophotometer, and analysis of luminaire flux intensity and colour temperature.
  • Monitoring and control of machine’s working conditions, including set up of the mechanic test rig, application of sensors, collection of working condition data, diagnostic and prognostic of fault signals, and decision making for machines’ condition-based maintenance.