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Wilson Ndasi

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Business School


Wilson is Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Nottingham Business School and currently a course leader in International Marketing, besides teaching other courses and supervising research projects. He has published journal articles on Prosocial advertising and digital consumer behaviour. Recent research is on cross-cultural advertising and social media brand engagement. His research has been published in international Journals, including the Journal of Advertising Research and the Internal Journal of Internet  Marketing and Advertising.

He has interest in supervising doctoral students in the areas of Corporate social responsibility and digital consumer engagement with the application of quantitative methods.

Current Modules Taught:

  • Contemporary Perspectives of Customer  Engagement
  • International Marketing
  • Strategic Global Marketing
  • Research Project Supervision

Career overview

Before joining Nottingham Business School in 2023, Dr Wilson taught marketing at  Bournemouth and Oxford Brookes Universities. He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM) with a Chartered marketer status, a Fellow of the Institute of Digital and Direct Marketing (FIDM), a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy(FHEA) and a member of the He is an expert in multivariate analysis and digital/social media marketing.

Memberships of professional bodies:

  • Fellow Higher Education Academy (HEA)
  • Member Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • Fellow of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing
  • Member Association of Internet Researchers
  • Member British Academy of Management

External activity


  • Wilson Ndasi (2023) “The effect of culture drivers on customer engagement in international cause-related marketing: At  22nd International Congress on Public and Nonprofit Marketing Cultural values in nonbusiness marketing 5-7 July 2023 / Veszprém – Hungary.
  • Wilson Ndasi. (2020) A Cross-Cultural Analysis of the Implications of Cause-Type in Cause- Related Marketing and Price Discount Promotion Campaigns: A Potential for International Competitiveness. 19th International Congress on Public and Nonprofit Marketing Spain, July 2-4th 2020.
  • Wilson, N. and Akcay, E., 2019. Investigating the Impact of Cause Involvement on Authenticity in Digital Cause-related Marketing. In: The 4th Edition of the LIGUE International Conference 6-7 December 2019 Tunis, Tunisia.
  • Ndasi, W. and Roushan G. (2018). Online sponsoring through cause – if you do it, do it right: Evaluating the impact of the ad context congruence. In: Bolat E: Robson, J. and Kooli, K., eds. 17th International Congress on Non-profit and public marketing 6-7 September 2018 Bournemouth, UK. 1-328.
  • Ndasi W (2016) Online Cause-related Marketing: Modelling the impact of donation Amount on Purchase Intention in display ad placement on charity website. Presented at 2016 West East Institute Conference 1-3 August 2016, Harvard University USA.
  • Ndasi W. (2016) The Effects of Ad-Congruence on Consumers’ Purchase Intention in Online Cause-related Marketing. Presented at the Access to Finance to SMEs Conference, London, 13th September 2016.
  • Ndasi W. (2014) Poster: Gaining Internet Customer Traffic from a Giving Relationship: Cause- Related Marketing Models and modelling Online Consumers’ Responses to E-retailer Cause- Related Marketing”. 9th-11th of September 2014 at Belfast.


  1. Ndasi, W., Bolat, E. and Roushan, G., 2022. A Comparative Impact of Cause-Related Marketing and Sponsorship Leveraged Internet Display Advertising. International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising, 16 (1/2) pp. 1-18 DOI: 10.1504/IJIMA.2022.120970
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