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Jelena Matic

Jelena Matic

Senior Educational Developer (Student Experience)

Centre for Academic Development and Quality Dept.


Jelena is a Senior Educational Developer within the Centre for Academic Development & Quality (CADQ). She works collaboratively with academic colleagues to explore and adopt innovative, inclusive and evidence-based learning and teaching practices, supporting excellent learning opportunities and outcomes for all students.

Jelena leads on the Personal Tutoring practice and staff development at NTU. She is the educational development contact for School of Architecture, Design and Built Environment and School of Social Sciences.

Career overview

Jelena’s passion for equal and quality student experience stems from her own experience of being an international student. As a student Jelena had to navigate a new environment, finding a way around many obstacles in the system and her personal circumstances. Along the way, she found many trusting mentors who believed in her and guided her through. The value of mentoring, coaching and guidance from those who know the system and who are willing to listen and support is the value that directed her through her career so far.

Jelena started her career as Vice President Education at Nottingham Trent Students’ Union where she represented the voice of NTU students at high level University committees for two years. The areas of her interest were personal tutoring and students’ academic experience which led her into her next role of Student Academic Experience Officer. During the following two years, Jelena worked on cross-departmental academic projects that were closely related to closing the feedback loop and improving the student experience across the institution.

Jelena joined the Educational Development Team in 2020 and has recently been promoted to the Senior Educational Developer (Student Experience).

External activity

Jelena has been the School Governor since 2019 at Farnborough Academy in Nottingham.