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Peter Williams

Peter Williams

Learning Designer

Centre for Academic Development and Quality Dept.


Peter is a Learning Designer with a strong background in creating visually engaging digital content. With experience in teaching art-based subjects, he brings a creative approach to his work in e-learning design.

Peters technical skills in 2D and 3D image making enable me to produce high-quality graphics and animations, enhancing the user experience for students. He is passionate about creating meaningful and memorable learning experiences that not only educate but also inspire.

Peter collaborates with academics at NTU, to develop and design modules that encourage active engagement, foster critical thinking, and promote lifelong learning. His designs are focused on supporting the needs of all learners, and ensuring accessibility and inclusivity in all his module developments.

Career overview

With a strong passion for working with learners from a widening participation background, Peter has dedicated 12 years of his career to teaching and supporting students from all walks of life. He has taught a diverse range of learners, from primary school students to mature learners, covering a wide range of subjects from entry-level key skills to university-level courses, with a particular focus on art-based subjects.

Peters experience in graphic design, photography, art and design, visual effects and animation have enabled him to bring a unique and creative approach to teaching, designing, engaging and innovative learning experiences that cater to the needs of all learners.

Peter has worked in widening participation in two separate roles, working collaboratively with academic colleagues and support staff to design and deliver programs that enable learners from underrepresented groups to access higher education. In these roles, Peter has developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced by these learners and has developed effective strategies to support their needs, ensuring that all learners have equal opportunities to succeed.

Peters passion for teaching and commitment to supporting learners from all backgrounds remain at the heart of his work as a Learning Designer. He is dedicated to creating learning opportunities that inspire, educate, and support learners, and to making a positive impact on the lives of my students.

Research areas

Peters research is focusing on making e-learning more accessible to both academics and learners. Specifically, he is currently working on two projects: how to make H5P more accessible to academics, and how to make learning outcomes more accessible to learners.

Peter is committed to exploring the potential of artificial intelligence to enhance e-learning experiences. Specifically, he is currently researching and developing with AI to create learning materials, focusing on image-based and generative text-based approaches.