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Stuart Samuels

Senior Learning Designer

Centre for Academic Development and Quality Dept.


Stuart is a Senior Learning Designer with over 12 years of experience within the HE sector. Stuart leads a high-performing team of Learning Designers at NTU whose focus is on creating high-quality, student-centered online and flexible learning courses and modules. Through close collaboration with colleagues, Stuart and the team ensure that they continue to develop engaging, inclusive learning experiences that make effective use of digital technology, resulting in high levels of student satisfaction.

Career overview

Stuart started his career with an interest in short-form filmmaking; he graduated university with an arts degree and began a career as a freelance filmmaker, working in post-production for independent films, advertisements and music videos. A guest lecturing opportunity eventually led to a full-time role teaching film, video, photography and graphic design. Stuart progressed to become the Senior Course Leader of a film production course where he was an early adopter of rudimentary approaches to online learning and teaching. Joining the Flex team, first as a Learning Designer and now Senior Learning Designer, allowed Stuart to support others to embrace the benefits offered by this continually developing area of practice.