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Suzanne Galloway

Apprenticeships Quality Team Leader

Centre for Academic Development and Quality Dept.


As a School Degree Apprenticeship Manger, Suzanne works primariliy with the School of Architecture, Design and Built Environment and School of Science and Technology to coordinate the implementation and development of their apprenticeship portfolio. Working with the School’s Deputy Deans, Suzanne supports apprenticeship growth either through the identification of new vocational training opportunities or working with new employers to boost apprentice numbers. In conjunction with course teams, Suzanne ensures that apprentices are receiving quality training and are making expected progress in their careers. Part of her role includes being Executive Officer for the Apprenticeship Portfolio Sub-Committee.

Career overview

Suzanne has worked in the education sector for 20 years, 17 of which were spent delivering university level courses within a further education setting. This teaching background has enabled Suzanne to share her knowledge and experience of working with non-traditional HE learners across the University, supporting colleagues involved in the design of the Mansfield courses and more recently apprenticeships. Suzanne has worked at Nottingham Trent University since March 2019, working within the quality management team. Her prior experience of working in collaboration with colleges and other higher education institutions enabled her to complete a short secondment with the Collaborations and Partnerships Team at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. In September 2021, she moved departments to join the apprenticeship team supporting the School of Architecture, Design and Built Environment and School of Science and Technology to design and deliver outstanding apprenticeships. In addition to the School specific work, Suzanne is working with colleagues across CADQ to create a package of resources to support course teams and workplace tutors to enhance their practice.