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Chris Rolph

Chris Rolph

Director - Nottingham Institute of Education

School of Social Sciences

Staff Group(s)
Secondary and Continuing Education


Dr Rolph is the Director of Nottingham Institute of Education, one of the country's foremost providers of initial teacher training, and a recognised centre for the study of education. He has taught on range of courses including: joint honours in education; secondary initial teacher education; MA education. He continues to supervise a number of doctoral students. He is keen to develop new partnerships with institutions at home and abroad, and is firmly committed to a collaborative approach to education at all levels, in which developments in teaching and learning are based on robust research.

Career overview

After completing a PhD in astrophysics and a post-doctoral post, Dr Rolph began teaching in secondary schools. Over 10 years in the classroom he achieved accreditation as an Advanced Skills Teacher before becoming a secondary headteacher, leading 3 schools over the next 13 years. During this time he carried out funded research projects for the TDA and NCSL, and published papers with SSAT. He joined NTU in 2016.

Research areas

Dr Rolph’s research interests include education policy, school leadership, accountability and performativity, change management, curriculum design, and science education.


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Press expertise

  • Education policy
  • School leadership and accountability
  • Teacher training
  • Teacher recruitment
  • Science education