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Karen Chantrey Wood

Staff Group(s)
Undergraduate and Professional Education


Programme Leader: BA (Hons) Childhood Studies

Oversight of the BA (Hons.) Childhood Studies programme in the School of Education. Teaching on a variety of modules including ‘Early Foundations of Learning’ (examining how children begin to learn and how current Government initiatives promote this development); ‘Different Childhoods’ (examining the history of childhood, how the law protects children and the development of social justice for children) and ‘Developing Creativity’ (examining how to promote the development of creativity in children through practical activities). Liaison with other Programmes in the school with a special focus of Early Years, to enable updating and addressing new initiatives occurring in the workplace.

Completion due Autumn 2009. : ‘Bulwell Young Voices’ Project Evaluation Report for Nottingham Playhouse with seven primary schools in Bulwell EAZ, Nottingham developing young playwrights.

Career overview

Preference for qualitative, young child or creative based research.

Research areas

Education: Developing Practice Cluster

Dr Chantrey Wood’s main research interests are in the areas of Creative Education and Early Years eEducation and focus on how children (and students) begin to learn and think creatively. She is particularly interested in learning environments and organisation; how teachers, creative practitioners and children interact, and how narratives can be used to promote creativity.
Within this area of study, as both a fully qualified Primary teacher and an enthusiastic creative practitioner, Dr Chantrey Wood is uniquely placed to observe the many-faceted relationships involved in developing creativity with children. She has been able to work alongside teachers, children and creative practitioners of many different disciplines to evaluate their interactions and facilitate formative and summative feedback to be used by those partners in further developing creativity.

External activity

Professional Activity (no funding available)

  • Evaluation of ‘Bulwell Young Voices’ Project’ for Nottingham Playhouse and Bulwell Education Action Zones
  • Evaluation of ‘The Key Schools Project’ for The Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith

Sponsors and collaborators

  • Nottingham Playhouse with seven primary schools from Bulwell EAZ
  • The Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith with two LA schools
  • Professor Richard Hacker and Professor Janet Hoskins of University of Central England, Birmingham with Creative Partnerships, Birmingham
  • Professor Morwenna Griffiths (NTU) & Felicity Woolf ( Felicity Woolf Associates) with Creative Partnerships, Nottingham
  • Yvonne Burbanks (NTU) and Government Office East Midlands (GOEM)
  • Professor Nigel Hastings (NTU) with assorted Primary teachers
  • Professor Michael Bassey (Centre for Educational Research, Trent Polytechnic)