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Azhin Omer

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Law School

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Dr Azhin Omer is a Senior Lecturer in Nottingham Law School. She is leading and teaching the postgraduate (Master's) module of 'Legal Structure of Health Law' and she is the seminar tutor for undergraduate (Bachelor's) modules:

  • Medical Law
  • Law of Torts
  • Public Law

Azhin acts as Personal and Academic Tutor and supervises Independent Research Projects (IRP) at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Under her role, Dr Azhin is also

  • LLB International Student Support Tutor
  • NLS Erasmus+ and International Exchange Coordinator
  • NLS Disability Tutor

Career overview

Azhin joined Nottingham Law School in October 2014, and has previously taught undergraduate modules at University of Lincoln. She has also previously acted as a member of:

  • The organizing team of NTU Early Carreer Researchers Forum;
  • Nottingham Law School Research Committee; and
  • NTU College Research Degrees  Committee (CRDC).

Research areas

Azhin is currently working on a monograph entitled as “Health System Governance and the Quality of Healthcare in Kurdistan Region of Iraq”, and a research paper on ‘Health System Governance: What is the impact of political instabilities on healthcare and how this been dealt with in Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI)?’ She has previously worked on the following research projects:

  • PhD / doctoral legal research project: “Developing Governance to Foster Healthcare Quality in Kurdistan Region in Iraq”
  • Masters of Laws: “Medical negligent system: Is this the right process to hold NHS doctors accountable for their errors?”

Azhin is also a member of the following research centres / groups of Nottingham Law School:

  • Centre for Rights and Justice
  • Health Law Research Group

External activity

As part of her doctoral research, Azhin is currently collaborating with the health policy makers of Kurdistan Region in Iraq.

Recently, Azhin has acted as a moderator in the UK Parliament (House of Commons) and participanted in a debate on strengthening British-Kurdish relations to increase cooperation in the medical field. In March 2020, she has also acted as a member of a panel and participated in a debate on the role of women in governance within the Middle East countries.

Azhin is also a member of the following external associations/societies:

  • European Association of Health Law (EAHL)
  • Society of Legal Scholars (SLS)
  • Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA)
  • Higher Education Academy (HEA)

Sponsors and collaborators

Azhin Omer is currently collaborating with the health policy makers of Kurdistan Semi-autonomous Region in Iraq.


Chapter in Edited Book:

Omer, A. (2018). ‘A critical analysis of patient safety Strategies in Kurdistan Region in Iraq’ in Global Patient Safety: Law, Policy and Practice. Routledge: New York, pp223-234. ISBN: 978-1-13805278-9

Professional Conference Papers:

  • Keynote speaker: Omer A., (2018, November) "Kurdistan Genocide should not be ignored" Erbil, Kurdistan Region in Iraq
  • Omer A., Wheat K., Fattah A., (2018, November) “Uncovering PTSD Symptoms: What is the Psychological Impact of Genocide on the Survivors and How this been Dealt with by Healthcare Provision in Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI)?” Erbil, Kurdistan Region in Iraq
  • Omer, A. (2016, May). ‘Developing governance to foster healthcare quality in Kurdistan Semi-autonomous region of North-Iraq’ Paper presented at Nottingham Law School Research Conference, Nottingham, United Kingdom.
  • Omer, A. (2015, October). ‘Cross border healthcare, medical errors and liabilities: How effective is the EU Cross Border Directive?’  Paper presented at the European Association of Health Law Conference, Czech Republic.
  • Omer, A. (2014, September). Developing an ideal model of patient safety for Kurdistan region of North Iraq’ Paper presented at East Midlands University Conference, Leister, United Kingdom.
  • Omer, A. (2014, May). ‘Conceptualising a frame-work of patient safety for public hospitals in Kurdistan region of Iraq.’  Paper presented at Nottingham Law School Annual Research Conference, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Press expertise

  • Medical Negligence System;
  • Medical Ethics;
  • Professional Medical Regulatory Authorities;
  • Strategies for improving the quality of healthcare in the Middle East; and
  • Impact of political instabilities on healthcare system in the Middle East.