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Hakan Sahin

Dr Hakan Sahin

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Law School

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Dr Hakan Sahin is a lecturer ( teaching &research ) in law specializing in International Trade and Energy Investment Law. He teaches at undergraduate level International Trade Law and at the postgraduate level;  World Trade Organisation Law, International Sale of Goods and Investment Law. He supervises both undergraduate and postgraduate students' Independent Research Projects.

Hakan is a member of the Center for Business and Insolvency Law and Center for Rights and Justice.

Career overview

Hakan has LLB in Law from  Yeditepe University in Istanbul, Turkey. He undertook the LLM Postgraduate Programme in ‘International and European Business Law at Anglia Ruskin University and subsequently completed his Ph.D. with the same university in 2014. Before joining the Nottingham Law School, Hakan worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Private International Law at the School of Law,  Maltepe University, Istanbul.

Research areas

Hakan's research interests International Energy Investment Law, International Trade and Economic Law, and International Arbitration. He welcomes queries from research students (both LLM and Ph.D.) interested in pursuing projects in these fields.

External activity

In 2017, Hakan undertook the role of associate conference organizer for the conference “International Dispute Resolution: Problems and Solutions” hosted by the International Dispute Resolution Group, UK, the Istanbul Bar Association and Altinbas University. He took responsibility for sourcing, engaging and briefing academics and practitioners from the UK, the US, Greece, Poland, China, Singapore, Turkey, and the Netherlands to present at the conference.



Hakan Sahin, ‘Host Government Agreements and Law in the Energy Sector: The case of Azerbaijan and Turkey.’ (Routledge, 2018)

U. Turksen, D.Tran, H.Sahin, Energy Law, Investment and Trade in Emerging Market Economies, (Routledge, Forthcoming 2021)

Chapters in Books

Hakan Sahin, Chapter, ‘The political Structure and Foreign Direct Investment Law in Azerbaijan, in U. Turksen, D.Tran, H.Sahin, Energy Law, Investment and Trade in Emerging Market Economies, (Routledge, Forthcoming 2021)

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Hakan Sahin, "Production Sharing Agreements in the Caucasus and Central Asia: A Contextual Study of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan" (TDM, ISSN 1875-4120) September 2019,

Hakan Sahin, ‘Political Risk in Energy-Related Investment Disputes’, World Arbitration & Mediation Review Vol. 11:3 (2018) 353-381

Hakan Sahin, ‘Project Finance Lenders, Insurers and Credit Rating Agencies: Do They Play an Active Role in Inclusion of Stabilisation Clauses in Investment Contracts’, Bahcesehir University Law Review, Vol.127-128 (2015) 131-168.

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