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Helen Hall

Rev'd Dr Helen Hall

Associate Professor

Nottingham Law School

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Dr Helen Hall is an Associate Professor at the Nottingham Law School, with teaching responsibilities in Tort, Contract and Family law.  Associate Director of the Centre for Rights and Justice.

Career overview

Helen is a qualified solicitor and Anglican priest.

Research areas

Research active in the fields of Law and Religion, Tort, Family and Public Law, with a particular interest in law and exorcism/deliverance ministry and the rights and freedoms of children in relation to religion. Currently working on the Balancing Beliefs project and blog which accompanies a book, recently co-authored with Javier García Oliva Religion, Law and the Constitution: Balancing Beliefs in Britain.

External activity

Editorial Board of Law and Justice

Research Associate for the Cardiff Centre for Law and Religion

Member of Law and Religion Scholars Network

Member of International Consortium for Law and Religion Studies

Member of Consorcio Latinamericano de Libertad Religiosa (Latin American Consortium on Religious Freedom)

Sponsors and collaborators

Currently collaborating on the Balancing Beliefs project with Dr Javier García Oliva at Manchester University


Religion, Law and the Constitution: Balancing Beliefs in Britain, Routledge, 2017 [with Javier García Oliva]

‘Exorcism Religion Freedom and Consent: The Devil in the Detail’ Journal of Criminal Law September 2016

Am I my brother’s keeper? The collective liability of religious orders for actions of individual members in England and Wales, Revista General de Derecho Canónico y Derecho Eclesiástico del Estado (General Journal of Canon Law and State Ecclesiastical Law) May 2014

Between F v F The Christian Law Review, Hilary/Easter 2014

Religious decision-making and the capacity of children in the United Kingdom, Laicidad y Libertades(2013) December 2013] [with J García Oliva ]

Same Sex Marriage: An Inevitable Challenge to Religious Liberty and Establishment? Oxford Journal of Law and Religion,  [with J García Oliva] [2013]

Simbologia Religiosa En El Ámbito Laboral. A Propósito Del Caso Chaplin Y Sus Implicaciones En El Derecho Británico, (Religious Symbols in the Workplace: Chaplin and its Implications in British Law) Revista General de Derecho Canónico y Derecho Eclesiástico del Estado 32 (2013), 2013 (published in English)

‘The Catholic Welfare Society and Others (Appellants) v The Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (Respondents)’ Law and Justice, The Christian Law Review, Hilary/Easter 2013

In the Matter of CLaw and Justice: The Christian Law Review, Trinity/Michaelmas 2012

Maga and Direct Liability in Negligence’ Law and Justice: The Christian Law Review, Trinity/Michaelmas 2011

Book reviews

Bees at Law  by N Sweeney, Veritas, Bristol 2017 Due for publication Animalwatch 2018

The Headscarf Controversy, by Hilal Elver, Oxford University Press, Oxford: New York 2012, Ecclesiastical Law Journal, 2014

Law, Religious Freedoms and the Education in Europe, edited by Myriam Hunter-Henin, Ashgate, Surrey 2011: International and Comparative Law Quarterly Review, Cambridge University Press, 2013

Book Review: Legal Flexibility and the Mission of the Church, by Will Adam Ashgate, Surrey, 2011: Law and Justice, The Christian Law Review, Hilary/Easter 2012

Blog Posts

‘Religious Freedom is not a Right to Control Public Space’ The Times 25 Sept 2017

‘Disadvantaging young people: Turkey’s removal of Darwinism from the classroom raises questions closer to home’  Solicitors Journal 11 Sept 2017 [with Javier García Oliva]

‘Breakway Churches from the Church of England not Anglican’ The Times June 2017

‘Symbols in the Workplace’ Law Society Gazette March 2017 [with Tom Lewis]

Balancing Belief Blogs [with Javier García Oliva]

Apportioning Blame-Anglican Church v BBC in relation to sexual abuse and vicarious liability, Oct 12, 2017

Cake cases: gay marriage, freedom of expression in Northern Ireland and the USA Sep 19, 2017

Fostering-Religion does matter (just not in the way some tabloids suggest) Sep 19, 2017

Turkish schools to drop Darwin, but some UK schools are still teaching Creationism Sep 3, 2017

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Press expertise

  • Exorcism/paranormal and the law
  • Law and religious freedom
  • Church and State issues
  • Sexual abuse and religious groups
  • Children’s rights in relation to religion

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